Following our rich cultural ethos

In the fast pacing world, people have no time to even visit temples. Are there people who still follows the tradition? When this came as a big question, there comes a family who lives in Mylapore, Chennai to prove that the traditions are still clinging around with the people. As we enter into the streets of Mylapore we can find the row of houses which actually depicts the traditional setup with ‘Tulsi madam’ and the ‘Rangoli’ infront of their houses. The whole area seems to be very lively with all cultural artifacts. Sundararajan, aged 80, lives in a joint family with his wife and two sons and his grandsons. He strongly believes in tradition and customs even when the society is well advancing. The only question posted to him was, why are they still following the tradition? And how come they are managing it? He said he strongly believes in tradition and that it would shape a person with values such as freedom, faith, education, personal responsibility and also the moral ethics which is considered as most important for one’s life. It is not that they just follow traditional values alone, they live with a lifestyle which reinforces the traditional values. He then added with the strong confirmative note that even his sons and grandsons are working in IT sectors and surrounded of with the modernised people, they still will not let down their culture and tradition values.


It was very clear that the family is sheltered by the tradition and moral values. The wondering part of the family was that even when the sons earned so much they are not willing to go to a posh lifestyle and they are very much determined in living that way. And for Sundararajan it’s been 80yrs that he lives with his tradition and still continues to be and he ensures that his grandsons also will follow the same lifestyle throughout their life. Sundararajan’s family is just an example for traditional way of living and it does not end with those information, there is lot more to talk about their family ethics when it comes to culture. Indians were well known for culture and tradition and most probably Tamil Nadu plays a vital role in it. It is with the people to hold on with the culture. For the past 10 years our world has been developed into many sorts. It all ok when there was change made in everything but the most irritating part is when people slowly forgot their moral values and went into the shape of modernity. It is not acceptable when the culture and tradition gets diverted. There are still families living like Sundararajan’s but the saddest part is, it is not many.. So it is our responsibility to uphold the tradition and follow the tradition for better lifestyle.



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