The Mylapore Trio organised the 10th Year “Mottamaadi Nilaa Cutchery” and “Nilaa Choru” at the new flat of Shri. Sugathan situated at the Sannidhi Street of Lord Marundeeswar in Thiruvanmiyur. He along with his Parents – Mohandass & Sudha and Sister – Swathy Mohan hosted at his Terrace on 9th December, 2018. It was a cool evening filled with chill breeze at his new flat situated in the Sannidhi street of Marundeeswarar Temple. The Temple Gopuram at the backdrop gave a picturesque and divine atmosphere to the ambience. The Moonlight Terrace Concert was at the open space in the third floor, surrounded by coconut trees and filled with terrace gardening amidst the chirr chipping of the birds. At 6.30pm on Sunday the students of Smt. Vidyalakshmi. S. Madhan – (a resident of Besant Nagar) gave a cultural entertainment. The Classical Dances and Songs presented by these tiny tots were amazing and amusing. This was followed by the much expected Nilaa Choru arranged by Smt. Bharathi, was with all South Indian traditional dishes. Very hot Rasam and Sasam Saadham was soothing to the throat and stomach, the Vattha Kuzhambu was mouth watering, the evenly chopped Urulaikizhangu curry was hot and spicy, the crispy Appalam added the feel of a feast, Curd Rice and oorugai was filling apart from the sensational Milk Sweet. The 50 strong Audience including Children, Parents and Guests enjoyed the evening which was filled with fun and frolic. It was a treat to the eyes, ears and to the stomach. This 10th year Moonlight Terrace Concert was hosted by Sugathan by virtue of being a Member of Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation, Chennai.
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