Indian Culture Congress” inauguration…

It was a Remarkable and a Historic Day i.e., 23rd December 2018, a New Chapter commenced in the Annals of “Cultural History”. 

“A people without the knowledge of their history, origin and culture are like trees without roots” – Marcus Garvey

“History without Culture is like trees without fruits and

Culture without History is like Trees without roots”  - The Mylapore Trio

Thus is the importance of both the disciplines.


Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation inaugurated the First Annual “INDIAN CULTURE CONGRESS” during this December Season and turned a New Leaf in the Annals of “Cultural History”. It was an Exclusive Conference on “ Indian Culture and Civilization” for Ph.D Scholars and Connoisseurs held on 23rd December 2018, at Vivekanda Hall, Mylapore. The Mylapore Trio – Kalakshetra Alumni and Cultural Ambassadors of Mylapore decked up in Tri-Colour organized the conference. Professors and Heads of Dept. of History and Archaeology from various Colleges, Historians, Archaeologists, Cultural Activists, Heritage Lovers, Artists, Ph.D and M.Phil Scholars actively participated. It was a very unique and Innovative conjoined platform for both academicians and cultural people. It was an Exclusive Platform for Ph.D and M.Phil Research Scholars, Enthusiasts of Indian Culture to expose their academic talents and knowledge. It was an Artistic and Intellectual gathering for Givers and Takers of Cultural Knowledge. It’s a rare combination of Art and Academics held during the iconic December season in the cultural capital of Mylapore.


The specialty of this Culture Congress was, it was for the students, by the students and of the students, unlike other music and dance seminars, where few experts speak and few remain as audience. The Highlight of the Culture Congress was that all of them were in Traditional Attire. Scholarly Men in dhothi and Scholarly women in Saree which was an unusual but ethnic sight.


Ph.D Research Scholars presented research findings on various genres of Culture – Temples and Festivals, Dance and Music, Sculptures and Architecture, Drama and Puppetry, Inscriptions and Sculptures, Terracotta and Tribes. True to its unique nature and exclusivity, Dance and Music sessions were peppered in between paper presentations by Students.


The Conference was Presided by Dr. A. Chandrasekaran, Professor and Head, Dept. of History (Retd.), I.D.E., University of Madras. The Chief Guest was “ Sakala Kala Valli” Smt. Revathy Sankkaran – Versatile and Cultural Personality. The whole session which lasted for Three hours was blended with culturally intellectual ethos. The academics came in direct contact with the cultural essence. It was a posse of colourful flowers thread into one. The proceedings of the session were very interesting, mingling Art and Intellect. It had a scholarly ambience with a cultural touch. The conference satiated the intellectual hunger and quenched the cultural thirst of the highly educated Audience.


The conference was the brainchild of Surendranath who exclusively designed the Brand for the ‘Indian Culture Congress’. Lord Nataraja became the symbol of the Culture conference since He is the representation of Indian Culture. The Banner, Invite, Folders, Files, Writing Pads, Certificates were all created with a cultural touch – a Kalakshetra style Rudraksham border design was adapted in all these to give a ethic and traditional look. Even the Guests of Honor were honoured with an angavastram in Rudraksham design. It was a very auspicious beginning to inaugurate the congress on the day of Nataraja - Arudra Darshanam.


The Professors and Scholars congratulated and showered encomium on the Trio for organizing such a unique event and pledged their support in promoting “Cultural Academics” in future. The research students were given a platform to express their cultural views for more than 10 minutes which otherwise not given anywhere in other forums.


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