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Award to the "Mylapore Trio" by Sri Krishna Sweets & YACD


“The Mylapore Trio” – Amarnath, Surendranath, Aparna were honoured with “Nallor Virudu” Award for their Contribution towards the Development of Indian Culture, by YACD – Sri Krishna Sweets during the popular Music and Dance Season this year. The solemn function was held in a very pleasant evening on 2nd December 2018 at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple, Mylapore, right at the Golu Mandapam – directly invoking the blessings of Goddess Karpagambal.


The function was presided over by Shri. Murali, the Founder of Sri Krishna Sweets and the Chief Guest was Shri. N. V. Balasubrahmaniam, an Octogenarian & Former Judge of The Madras High Court.


Earlier Shri. Ramanathan Krishnamurthy of YACD, welcomed the gathering and showered encomiums on The “Mylapore Trio”. He said that there can be none in Mylapore without knowing the Trio and eulogized their Cultural Service to the society especially for children. He extolled them for conducting several value-based programmes from their own resources, without Sponsorship. He further added that they were highly educated, placed in Top positions and are known as Kalakshetra Alumnis and Cultural Ambassadors of Mylapore.


The Chief Guest in his speech applauded The Mylapore Trio for their Cultural endeavors and accomplishments, hailed their Family Legacy and Lineage. He mentioned that he was a viewer of the “ Ashta Dikku Alankara Golu” in 2009-the First Magnificent Thematic Golu put up by the Mylapore Trio in Kaplai Temple. He wished them all success and paid his obeisance to their divine endeavors.


Shri. Murali commended The Mylapore Trio for their contribution to Tradition & Culture and said that it was the dire need of the hour to uphold cultural values and inculcate to the next generation.


The Chief Guest decorated “The Mylapore Trio” with “Nallor Virudhu” for their contribution towards the development of Indian Culture. The Award carried – a Citation, a Shawl, and more importantly Temple Prasadams. The Trio was garlanded with 4ft size garlands of Lord Kapali and Godess Karpagambal, which was the highlight.


Shri. Amarnath thanked the Organizers and the Chief Guest for the honor conferred upon them. He took the audience to nostalgic memories of their childhood in Mylapore. He dedicated the Award to their Foster parents Smt.Sumukhi and Sri.Rajasekharan who were Divine Philanthropists of Mylapore.


He traced their great spiritual legacy and explained how it molded the Trio. He also mentioned the intimacy and proximity of the Trio to Mylapore and Kalakshetra, which had been their Alma Mater. He never missed to mention their Grand Mother Smt.Nagammal who was also a selfless Mylaporean who came under the wings of the Philanthropic Couple and sacrificed her life for the cause. He listed the various activities of Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation and also about the great Golu Legacy in their house as well about the magnificent Thematic Golus put up by them in few famous Temples. He insisted that the Temple Golus were done purely on the basis of merit and blessing and not on a commercial basis.


The function ended with a devotional note when the divine temple bells started ringing for the “Sandhya Kaala Deeparathanai”. On the whole it was a very Historic, Auspicious and Memorable Function. The Foundation Members showed their solidarity and gathered at the temple, along with hundreds of devotees to witness the colourful and remarkable event.


It was a Historic & Significant Occasionfor the Mylapore Trio, in the sense, that it all started from the same venue in 2009,when a Thematic Golu was put up by the Trio at Kapali Temple. After travelling and setting up massive Thematic Golus at different Temples in various Towns and Cities for the past 9 years (Navarathri) Goddess Karpagambal beckoned them & showered Her Blessings on them at this Same Spot exactly after a decade in this 10th year, at the historic Golu Mandapam. Its incredible to believe that she has rewarded the Trio with the “Nallor Virudhu” for their Golu Services and sacrifices. The wheel has turned one full cycle and again we are back to the square, to offer ourselves at Her Lotus Feet.

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