Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation celebrates 16th Foundation Anniversary

The Mylapore Trio - Amarnath, Surendranath, Aparna and Sugathan – Kalakshetra Alumni and Cultural Ambassadors of Mylapore Celebrated the 16th Anniversary of Sri Sumuhki Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation and Commemoration of 13th year “Kala Poshakam” on Friday, 22nd February, at Narada Gana Sabha. On this Occasion, Sugathan and his sister Swathy presented a Thematic Bharathanatyam titled “Vasantha Panchami” on Goddess Saraswathy which was exclusively Penned, compiled & sung by Smt. Revathy Sankkaran. Sugathan choreographed the dance in Kalakshetra manner and presented along with his sister in a very elegant style. Swathy was dressed up in rich white costumes as Saraswathy and Sugathan personified as beautiful swan and both their swaying gestures, composed body movements and subtle but rich costume and jewelry were breathe taking.


The stage decor and arrangement with the traditional temple Umbrella with a small dais draped with silk sarees added beauty to the already magnificent stage. Both the dance and stage synced well and ultimately the thematic presentation on the Goddess of Learning was breathe taking and left the audience spell bound. On this Special Day distinct Title and Award were conferred and presented to Kum. Sree Rudra for her versatility and multi-faceted achievements. She has been associated with our Foundation for the past 8 years and has won several prizes in Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Academic Arts during Our Margazhi Bala Utsavams and Balar Chithirai Kalai Vizhas all through these years. She has also won Talent, Proficiency, Multi Talent Prizes and has been an All Rounder throughout her cultural career in our organization. In recognition of her accomplishments The Mylapore Trio and Sugathan conferred her the Title " Palkalai Vitthagi" and presented her the ALL ROUNDER Award. The award carried a Citation, A Traditional Trophy - an icon of Goddess Saraswathi seated on a Lotus.

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