Van Mahotsav is a forest festival which is celebrated during the month of July. It is a festival which was started by Kulapati Kanaiyalal Munshi Ji, the union minister for agriculture to create enthusiasm among people for conservation of forests and planting trees.

This is also celebrated for conserving and saving the forest. Many forests were destroyed and are being destroyed and new constructions are being constructed in those lands. This festival is celebrated continuously for a week in order to respect the forest God, save the trees, animals and other living and non-living beings.

 This festival is celebrated mainly to create awareness among people about tress and its uses. In early days people considered trees and forests as great things and worshipped them without destroying. But in this modern era people are not giving any kind of importance to the tress and forests. Because of this slowly the process of deforestation started to take place and so many buildings were constructed in those empty lands. Many people who live near mountains and hilly areas celebrate Van Mahotsav with great faith. Government has permitted to celebrate this festival in order to show the importance of trees and plants in the forests to the people. If forests are being destroyed then the whole eco-system will get disturbed. The animals which live inside the forest will enter into the residential areas and this will lead to lots of problems. In order to save the eco-system we should know about the importance and existence of forests. And every human being should try to plant at least one sapling in their house. They should also teach the upcoming generations about the importance of forests so that they will also be a part in saving the trees and animals in the forests.  

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