Pooja Vidhanam" - Women's Workshop. by Sumukhi Foundation

The Mylapore Trio & Sugathan…

Report of "Pooja Vidhanam" - Innovative Workshop for Women.

To Commemorate the Festival Season, “The Mylapore Trio” S.Amarnath, S.Surendranath, S.Aparna, Sugathan and Members of Sri Sumukhi Rajasekharan Memorial Foundation organized the 16th year “Pooja Vidhanam” a first of its kind, Innovative Workshop for Women - the know-how of Ganesha Chathurthi, Krishna Jayanthi and Varalakshmi Vritam on Saturday 20th July, 2019.
This time it was organised exclusively for the Members of “Kadambari” (a Group of Women) on one fine Morning for 2 hours, at a new Flat in Venus Colony, Alwarpet, Chennai. The Members of the group - Mrs. Brinda approached the Trio and requested them to conduct the workshop for them and coordinated along with Mrs. Sumitra. The programme was conducted by the Trio as a passion, with the sole intention of spreading cultural and spiritual values to one and all.
On the auspicious day, the ambience at the venue wore a Festive look. The Dias was traditionally & aesthetically decorated with Maayilai, Pushpam, Vaazhai maram, etc. The floor was decorated with maa kolam & kaavi which added flavour. The Three Deities were decorated and placed on the elevated platform. The Mylapore Trio, Sugathan and Members presented themselves in dazzling South Indian Traditional Attire. "Kadambari" members were in gorgeous Silk Sarees with traditional dazzling jewelry. Most of the Women were in Madisar of different colours to suit the auspicious occasion.

The Workshop began with the Trio explaining the purpose of the workshop, which they felt was very essential for everybody. According to them, these Poojas and the spiritual values, which they had inherited and imbibed from their Foster Parents Sri. Rajasekharan & Smt. Sumukhi, and Trio’s Grandmother Smt. Nagammal, must be perpetuated to all.

Aparna lighted the lamp and started the workshop auspiciously and gave an introduction about the workshop. She also explained how she is able to balance her Profession and Home, which includes performing all Poojas as well without compromising anything. Then Amarnath spoke about the activities of the Foundation and shared historical information about these Festivals. Surendranath explained the significance and shared rare information about these Poojas. Aparna & Sugathan also demonstrated few Pooja related processes.
Surendranath proceeded with a lecture demonstration on – Alankaram, beautifying Amman Face, demonstrated to make Pillayar kodai, made the traditional “Thazhampoo Jadai” with an array of colourful flowers with fragrance & gave many more tips. Aparna demonstrated the making of “Panju Vastram” in the most conventional method, which was a rare act for the women of modern times. Sugathan demonstrated the process of preparing homemade Kanmaiy (eyetex) which is harmless and can be used by women and also applied to the Goddess. This was an eye opener to all women.
Finally Varalakshi Amman was brought on procession in a Traditional manner from the Verandah entrance to the Pooja medai by Aparna and Foundation Women. Relevant songs were sung by Mamis of "Kadambari" and finally Deepaaraadhanai was performed for all the three Gods by Aparna ending up with a Mangala Aarathi by Foundation women.
At the end of the programme the Trio presented a rare picture of Goddess Varalakshmi to all Women. "Kadambari" members distributed Prasadams including Sakarai Pongal, Sundal, Vella and Kaara Kozhukattai, Uppu and Vella Seedai to all women. The host “Kadambari” gave a Sumptuous Traditional Feast (Lunch) and finally distributed Thaambulam to one and all. Mrs. Brinda and Mrs. Sumitra thanked the Trio, Sugathan and Members for conducting this programme in a wonderful manner in a very short notice.  The workshop was well attended by 20 participants who were very enthusiastic in learning about these festivals and more about our cultural roots. "Kadambari" Group was very much thrilled and felt that the workshop was a new experience to them, which was very innovative & useful - a spiritual & cultural eye opener for them. They added that - they would like to participate and learn about culture and tradition in the various Programmes conducted by the Foundation 

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