I'm forever indebted to the people of TN, says Jayalalithaa    |    AIADMK LEADS IN 140 places    |    AIADMK 137 DMK 77    |    AIADMK Valarmathi leads    |    AIADMK 133 0 DMK+ 98 0 DMDK+ 1 0 OTHERS 0 0    |    AIADMK 127, DMK 82    |    Vedaranyam P V rajendran AIADMK LEADS    |    TAMIL NADU (234) Party Lead WIN AIADMK 130 0 DMK+ 99 0 DMDK+ 3 0 OTHERS 0 0    |    Vijaykanth trails in Ulundurpet    |    AIADMK 128 0 DMK+ 87 0 DMDK+ 1 0 OTHERS 0 0    |    KN Nehru DMK leads in Trichy    |    AIADMK111, DMK 77    |    AIADMK 112    |    AIADMK Vijayakumar Tirupur leads    |    DMK 76 AADMK 109    |    AIADMK Thalavai Sundaram Kanyakumari leads    |    AIADMK 103, DMK 77    |    Nainar Rajendran AIADMK Tirunelveli leading    |    Sarath Kumar trailing    |    Sekar Babu SMk ledas in Harbour    |    Virudhunagar AIADMK leading marginally so far    |    AIADMK 59, DMK 42    |    AIADMKRajendran Kurunjipadi leads    |    Chnadrasekaran leads in Manapparai    |    Vijaykumar AIADMK leads in Tirupur    |    Saktivel AIADMK leads in Salem south    |    DMK Eswarappan leads in Arcot    |    AIADMK leads in Niligiri 3 districts in initial round    |    AIADMK Sathya Panerselvam leading in Panruti    |    DMK Stalin Kumar leading in Thuraiyur    |    Karunanidhi leads in Tiruvarur    |    Election results- AIADMk AND DMK -Neck to neck in initial round                                                 
Monthly Predictions

Monthly predictions for March 2013

Monthly predictions for March 2013







Guru is in 2nd place, Sani in 7th

Be careful with your belongings. Change of place and job likely.

Pariharam – Recite Sani Gayathri every day.









Sani is in 6th house, Guru in 1st house

Students will do well, Health will be normal. Best period for people of this rasi. Unexpected money will make you happy. You will visit temples.

Pariharam – Pray to Vinayaka on Fridays.









Sani in 5th, Guru in 12th

Some may get promotion in their jobs. Money flow will be good - shuba selavu will occur in the family.

Pariharam - Pray to Lakshminarasimha and Venkatachalapathy on Fridays and Saturdays.








Sani in 4th, Guru in 11th

Women may have physical ailment. Students will study well. Change of place is likely for some.

Pariharam – Pray to Dakshinamurthy on Thursdays










Sani in 3rd, Guru in 10th

Promotions will arrive on time, you may undertake religious trips and women will have a good time.

Pariharam – Worship Lakshminarasimha on Tuesdays.











Sani in 2nd, Guru in 9th

Guru parvai will nullify the problems. Students will make silly mistakes. Health problems will be there. You might have to travel.

Pariharam – Pray to Hanuman by offering butter.









Sani in 1st, Guru in 8th

It is ‘okay’ time. Women will have to sweat it out. Students will do well. Pray to gurus.

Pariharam – Light ellu vilakku on Saturdays.








Sani in 12th, Guru in 7th

Some may have to travel abroad. Some may have stomach problems. Life will be dull and drab because of ezharai naattu Sani

Pariharam - Pray to Muruga on Tuesdays.








Sani in 11th, Guru in 6th

Good time, but there may also be trouble. Students will do well. Some may feel tired and tensed very often. You will have good health.

Pariharam – Recite Narasimha Gayatri.








Sani in 10th, Guru in 5th

Physical stress will be there. Favourable time. Women will do well. Students should put in effort.

Pariharam – Recite Rahu Gayatri.









Sani in 9th, Guru in 4th

No loose tongue. Students will study well. Women will have to work hard. Life will go on smoothly.

Pariharam – Recite Vishnusahasaranamam.









Sani in 8th, Guru in 3rd

Be careful with health. Students will study well. Women will have to hard work.

Pariharam – Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.







More Monthly Predictions


More Monthly Predictions
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