Sani Peyarchi palan- Decemebr 17th- Two and a half years

Sani Peyarchi - December 17, 2014



This is for two-and-a-half years


General palan

The Lord of Karma, Saturn or Sani, is moving from one rasi to another and will stay in this rasi for another two-and-a-half years. Sani is moving to  Vrichika   rasi  . There might be some minor problems in families, which can be solved by praying to Sani on Saturdays and worshipping at Tirunallur and Thirukollikadu.

Pray to Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa without fail. Sometimes, Guru parvai will nullify the malefic effects of Sani.


Palans for rasis





Guru is in 4th place, Sani in 8th

Old dues will be collected . Women and students will fare okay. No loose tongue Cash flow will be there. You can manage to do well by being devout Men will have little problems in work spot.

Pariharam – Worship Lord Hanuman with Vettrilai malai.








Sani in 7th house, Guru in3rd house

 Do not enter into any partnership Try to be cool headed . Take things in you stride. Health related health problems will trouble you occasionally . Students will do well.

Pariharam- Write Sriramajayam everyday









Sani in 6th, Guru in 2nd place

Very good time for you . Health will improve. Nothing to worry. Women may have stomach ailment students will fare well.


Pariharam – Offer ellusadham to Lord Saneeswaran and distribute it to handicapped









Sani in 5th, Guru in 1st place

It is okay time. You might relief from diseases and other problems. Your health will improve. Women may get stomach problem ,Students will do well.

Pariharam – Light ellu nallanai vilakku to Lord Saneeswaran.







Sani in 4th Guru in 12th place

 Physical stress will be there. Students will have to work hard. . Women may have health problems. Do not enter into any partnership/

Pariharam – Perform archana to Lord Saneeswaran.










Sani in 3rd , Guru in 11th place

Good time as you are relieved of Saturn’s spell. You will get good income. Women may have to work hard.


Pariharam- Worship Saturn on Saturdays








Sani in 2nd , Guru in 10th place

You will undertake holy trips. Students should concentrate on studies. Men will have be on guard in business.

Pariharam – Pray to Lord Venkatachalapathy on Saturdays









Sani in 1st Guru in 9th place

Guru parvai will nullify your problems, Your health might get affected. Students should work hard.

Pariharam – Pray to Saneeswaran on Saturdays









Sani in 12th, Guru in 8th place

You may get a promotion in your job. Some may go abroad for some time students should concentrate in studies, You will be financially well off.

Pariharam - Worship Hanuman, Venkatachalapathy on Saturdays








Sani in 11th, Guru in 7th place

Good time you may have to travel a lot. You may have good benefits from working spot. women will do well.You may undertake holy trips.

Pariharam – Worship Lakshminarasimha on Tuesdays









Sani in 10 th, Guru in 6th place

There will be confusion and you will affected by health problems. Women and students will have to work hard, Do meditation as it will help you.

Pariharam : Worship Saneeswara on Saturdays








Sani in 9th, Guru in 5th place

Good time and you may undertake holy trips women and students will have a good time. Students will do well.






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