Rahu- Kethu Peyarchi 2016

Rahu- Kethu Peyarchi 2016






Here comes the Rahu- Kethu Peyarchi for the year 2016 and our astrologer is ready with what is in store for the different rasis of Indian astrology and pariharams, where relevant.



Financial problems will be solved but family problems will shoot up. Rahu can create more mental stress and can affect your health during this period. Women will have to slog . Students will do well. Some may have to travel a lot

Pariharam- Worship Lord Ganapathy on Fridays







Nota favourable time. Problems will arise but will be sorted out. Students should take care of their health. Women may face health problems. Do not enter into partnership business.

Pariharam - Recite Rahu Gayathri everyday









Overall this Rahu / Ketu transit can give you excellent growth and great happiness on your life. You will get promotion in office which will give you respectable position in the society. Monetary position will be good It is a good time for conjugal bliss You can plan to go to dream vacation spot.

Pariharam- Pray to Lakshminarasimhma on Tuesdays








You may have to face family problems. Students will have to study a ;lot. Women will have to work hard. Beon guard while doing business.

Pariharam- Visit Thirunageeeswaram Rahu temple











You will get over problems easily. Student s will fare well. Business men will get good profits

No loose tongue

Pariharam- Recite Kethu Gayathri









Very good period for you Everything is favourable. You will have good income . Some may undertake holy trips . However this Rahu / Ketu transit can give you excellent growth and great happiness on your life. However this Rahu / Ketu transit can give you excellent growth and great happiness on your life.

Pariharam- Pray to Ramanaujar










current Rahu / Ketu transit is looking very good for you. You will have good fortunes in the start of Rahu / Ketu transit since Jupiter is in good position. When Jupiter moves onto your 12th house, there will be some setback but Rahu can provide good financial support and relief through your friends.
Some times will develop unwanted tension and fear. You are tempted to eat more spicy food than usual. You will suffer problems on throat pain, cold, allergies and fever.

 Pariharam- Perform archana to Lord Ganesha on Fridays








Avoid long distance travel or late night driving since minor accidents are indicated on the cards. Get medical help sooner than later since your health problems to stay for a while. But you can overcome problems by doing pariharam

Pariharam- Worship Lakshmi Narasimha everyday







Your problems will be short lived.Students should work hard. Women may have health problems

Pariharam- Pray to Lord Subramania.







Overall you are going to rock on your life with great success and big fortunes. Be careful during April, May and June 2016, then you will be the one has more positive energies compared to the people born other Rasis.

You will have sound health in this time period. Both your body and mind will get charged with lot of positive energies. You will able to enjoy all the comforts in your life. Your family life is looking very good. You will be happy and conjugal bliss is also indicated.









You will develop unwanted tension and fear that can lead to many problems on your life. Avoid travelling as much as you can, during this period.

Pariharam- Visit Kalshasthi temple








Fairly good period for you. No loose tongue. Do not enter into any business deal with others

Pariharam- Pray to Lord Rangantha.








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