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Astrology a mathematical perspective -1

Astrology is a Statistical Projection and not a matter of True or False.   It is like, Weather report or Opinion poll or Budgets prepared by Government / Company.  Astrology is less important one as per Vedanta.  I am happy to furnish my ground-breaking revolutionary study  as a statistical projection .. 



n spite of detractors and skeptics, over the centuries, throughout the world, astrology has maintained its relevance and attraction among its audience.  Although, the basis and assumptions of astrology differ between the countries, fundamentally everywhere astrology is only a predictive discipline by reference to the movements of planets and stars and their impact on nature, especially earth and its inhabitants.   A critical analysis of various systems of astrology would reveal that it has evolved over the centuries by adopting the knowledge acquired from the disciplines of Astronomy, Mathematics and Statistics.



ften, there are controversies whether the Astrology (JyothishaSaastra) or the Zodiacis an art or science or only an empty exercise left to the whims and fancies of the quacks. Anecdotal evidence over the centuries would certainly destroy the allegations that it is a whimsical exercise.  At the same time, it is difficult to describe it either as a pure science or as an art.  But its position as a separate discipline worthy of study has been well established in our Indian tradition by recognizing it as one of the six branches (Shadaangaani in Sanskrit and Sadangu in Tamil) of knowledge originating from the four Vedas; the sacred writings of Hindus.  Please make a note that Astrology is not a main part of Vedas. Over the centuries, eminent scholars like VaraahaMihira, Arya Bhatta, Sridhara Bhatta, BrumaGuptha and Bhaskaracharya have further developed masterly treatises on the Vedic Astrology which emerged from Vedic Civilization.

Any dispassionate observer will be fascinated by the clinical precision with which predictions on nature like planetary movements, eclipses etc are published in the almanac based on literature already in our Indian Tradition.  This alone is sufficient testimony to establish relevance of astrology as a discipline worthy of analysis.  Only when the predictions are made with reference to human beings, wide variations are observed.  It is well recognized by the Astrological system that the predictions are based on the position of planets and stars at the time progeny is embedded in the womb as few thinks or when the child comes out of the womb as the case may be.  

In view of the modern practices of predetermining the time of delivery, it is high time the astrologers start emphasizing on the time of conception of the child in the mother’s womb for their predictions (alternative method).  The theory on parental genes alone having the impact on their offspring and their lives has also been demolished long before.   Therefore, as per Astrology, if it is possible to note the exact time at which a particular human being gets conceived on this earth and accordingly cast his horoscope, it is most likely that the predictions relating to him will come true.  This is like vehicle manufacturers certifying fuel efficiency in relation to ideal road condition.

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Kesava Ranga Ramanujacharya

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