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Astrology a mathematical perspective 2

As per Hindu Religion, Astrology and Rituals have got less importance and Bruma Jyanam (knowledge about the God) has got high Importance, which is established in the three sacred writings i.e., Prasthaana Thrayam. That is,

1. Vedanta, a collection of Upanishads which are the end part of four Vedas.

2. Gita, came from Vedanta doctrine (Dharshana), a vital part of political science and gives importance to Karma Yoga in first step and there after promotes to Jyana Yoga.  Particularly Jyana Yoga being tough to understand, it advises to start with Karma Yoga and escalating to Jyana Yoga thereafter.

3. Bruma Suthram, authored by Sage Vyasa (Bhadharaayana)



ubject to the influence of karma on the timing of human birth in this world, the astrological predictions follow a certain pattern based on the position and movements of the planets and stars vis-à-vis the human life cycle. 

At any particular point of time in the life of a human being, when he encounters a genuine astrologer, he will be looking for two types of predictions, viz., those relating to his past and those relating to his future.  He may notice that the predictions relating to past and the future are made in the form of a Mathematical and Statistical exercises.

Most of the Astrologers have their prediction room like a prayer hall and wish to give a picture that because of their penance, they can able to give a better prediction. In fact, the computerized horoscopes depict the position of the planets and stars throughout the lifetime of an individual by using complicated mathematical and statistical modeling only.

Students of Mathematics and Statistics are quite familiar with graphs and curves.  For making a certain projection, a set of given data is marked in a graph. Then the statisticians will study the actual curve and ascertain in which curve the given set of data will fit, (i.e.) straight line, or parabola, hyperbola, rectangular hyperbola, exponential curve, bell curve etc. Then they will fit the data in the apt curve, which will be projected for a given set of values. 

In earlier days, astrological pundits had studied the ups and downs in human lives and found that the various minute happenings in those lives can be fit in the solar and stellar system. The planets spin away from the sun in the elliptical trajectory.  The stars are mapped with the Sun and the revolving Earth or the moon and these mapped paths will also lie in the elliptical trajectory. Based on this concept that is with these curves they had created a predictive system.

The shadow planets Raghu and Kethu might have been taken in to account due to balance or map it in an order so that the projection is near the reality.  Planets of other stars, moons of other planets are not taken in to account either. This shows that, our ancestors are not aware of that either.  Of course, nothing to blame them; it is that day’s science or Astronomy.

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Kesava Ranga Ramanujacharya

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