Of Things Big and Small
The fats of life
A weighty issue in everybody’s life is just that – the problem of weight – and people are fighting it on several fronts but what is important is how good you are on the inside, says Balaji... more
Japan jolted
Balaji, who visited Japan at the height of its growth and wondered how a tiny nation of tiny people could lead the might West, feels that Japan will surely rise from this natural calamity... more
Giving up golf
Balaji tells us in his usual hilarious way how he grew from being a non-golfer to somebody who lived and worshipped it every minute of the day until he had to keep his golf bag away... more
In and out inventions
Balaji hits the memory trail with the news that Sony is stopping the production of Walkman which gave many youths the choice to decide what they want to listen to... more
A tribute to the toilet
November 19 came and went but Balaji, in his humorous way, observed the World Toilet Day by writing this thought-provoking and rib-tickling article for his column... more
It takes the brooding silence of a deer on deck, soon to become venison, to trigger Balaji’s thought process into animal feelings, animal consciousness and animal rights... more
The pill of preference
A woman going on maternity leave in office triggers various thoughts in Rajoo who goes into the very beginnings of the human urge for procreation and sex... more
Surrendering to sleep
In his inimitable way, Balaji delves into the mysteries of sleep and tries to unravel it for us and also educates us at the same time about what sleep really means... more
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