Astrology a mathematical perspective-7
Both BhaskaraAcharya and Lilavathi were considered to be unparallel and a memorial to their great intelligence. In his thesis Siddhantha Shiromani (1150 CE), he wrote about planetary motions... more
Astrology a mathematical perspective-6
Varaaha Mihira (499-587 CE), the great Astrologer and renowned Astronomer, once made the prediction that the prince of his country would die on the day of celebration of his 16th birthday.... more
Astrology a mathematical perspective-5
The ancient India was a pioneer in the crucial findings in the fields of mathematics and astronomy. Ancient Indians excelled in knowledge.... more
Astrology a mathematical perspective-4
It can be seen from the above graph that the net profit figure in zigzag curve cannot be normally fitted in any of the known curves. The underlying data relating to sales and cost were fitted in the appropriate curves from which the profit figure was derived.... more
Astrology- A mathrematcial perspective- 3
We have to update anything with the growth of science. Otherwise we will land in sentiment which is our weakness... more
Astrology a mathematical perspective 2
As per Hindu Religion, Astrology and Rituals have got less importance and Bruma Jyanam (knowledge about the God) has got high Importance, which is established in the three sacred writings i.e., Prasthaana Thrayam.... more
Astrology a mathematical perspective -1
Astrology is a Statistical Projection and not a matter of True or False. It is like, Weather report or Opinion poll or Budgets prepared by Government / Company says KesavaRangaRamanujacharya... more
A spiritual sojourn-2
My next visit was to Govindapuram,a small village now famous for its Pandarinath Temple,itsgoshala, old people’s home and last but not the least the Akhanda Rama nama Mandapam says Dr Indira Ramanathan... more
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