Deepavali Special 2015
Jayalakshmi’s Deepavali lehyam
Mix the powder in water, which should look like batter. Pour two tumblers of water in a pan and place it on the stove. While heating it put jaggery and, after it dissolves, filter the water.... more
Vanamala’s Chandrakala sweet
Make pooranam by mixing badam, cashew with khoa and keep it aside. Knead maida with 1 spoon dalda and water and keep it aside... more
Carrot Halwa - Vitamin A all the way
All the way from north India to your table! This sweet is rich in Vitamin A and is super simple to prepare. Grab all the carrots around you and let’s prepare ‘Carrot Halwa’.... more
Rajalakshmi’s nuts-milk burfi
Take 4 cashew crushed into very fine pieces, fry in ghee till golden brown. Add 200 gm of sugar with ½ litre of any cream milk, mix well. Take a pan, and in the medium heat, add the milk and sugar mixture, stir continuously.... more
Mullu thenkuzhal
Grind the roasted gram finely in a mixer. To the rice flour, add the roasted gram flour, salt, ghee, jeera, red chillie powder, asafoetida powder and mix well like a dough. It should not be watery.... more
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