Deepavali Special
Vanamala’s Chandrakala sweet
Many Chennaivasis are attracted by the suryakala and chandrakala sweets and when Vanamala gives an easy-to-make recipe, it is time to head for the kitchen and try out this method... more
Anuradha’s Guava Leaf Thattai
Kara kara, mora mora thattai is a favourite bakshanam of most people and if you add the taste of guava to it – like Anuradha has suggested, then it is even more welcome... more
Kolu, Deepavali contest prizes distributed
It was gala time once again at the Accord Metropolitan as invited the prize winners of the Kolu and Deepavali contests to personally collect their valuable prizes... more
Deepavali contests winners list
We are happy to announce that we received a number of recipes for sweets and savouries for the Deepavali contest and our judge selected these winners based on a number of parameters... more
Sundari’s Maida Cake
Reams and reams may be written about the use of maida but it makes for a delicious sweet this Deepavali season with the addition of sugar, cashew and vanilla essence, says Sundari... more
Malathy’s cashew cake
Malathy gives a nutty recipe where the nut completely loses its shape but retains its identity in the flavour – in the cashew cake that is easy to make and can be served proudly this Deepavali... more
Malathy’s Karasev recipe
After you have tried your hand at all the sweets that can be made at home for Deepavali, try your hand at this easy-to-make savoury – karasev – with the recipe supplied by Malathy... more
Jayalakshmi’s Deepavali lehyam
The gastronomical delight that Deepavali is, you should not hesitate to binge as there is always help to digest all those goodies with Jayalakshmi’s Deepavali marundhu... more
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