Nangai's Queen Bee- Subha Ravisanker

“Don’t let the negativity of the world get you down, there is so much to look forward and so much to be proud of. You are a woman, and therefore, you are strong”

     In today’s world, women are not only playing the role of carriers and guardians of family but are also busy managing offices and industries.  They are constantly juggling between their personal and professional lives, multitasking, competing and leading in all fields, be it domestic or corporate life, rural or urban surroundings or even national and international platforms. With more and more women donning new roles and taking up challenging responsibilities, there has also been an increase in the level of stress, anxiety and other health related problems in women.

     One key way women are finding they can embrace themselves truly and sincerely is by practicing yoga.   In a free wheel chat with  Suba we explored her multi dimensional activities.


                                                                    R. Subha Ravisanker, born in Salem, an inspirational yoga woman, Madipakkam branch secretary of a magazine called Uratha sindhanai, symbolizes  yoga to guide women physically and mentally towards successful path of life.  She a senior professor in yoga, Tamil pandit (M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.), experienced person of 18 years in yoga, lover teaching profession, social service, counselor, compeer, who is interested in classical dance has achieved many successful awards and credits from the society.  One of the beautiful moment she never forgets is when she received Vivekanandar Virudhu for her excellence of Tamil teaching in Nila Chaaral blind school.  She also received the award, Mangaiyarul Magarani from IWC (Inner Wheel Club), Siveneya Peravai institution awarded  Yogaseva Mamani  on her recently .


 Subha has done programmes in  Jaya TV, Vijay TV, Raj TV, Makkal TV, Sun TV    which showcased   her talents.  She    renders her service without any motive    and visits  Government schools by giving inspirational and motivational life values through yoga .


“Yoga, which literally means “Union”.  A union of individual with ones wellbeing, a body to mind, emotions and soul”.

 She placed herself strongly in Manavala Kalai (Human excellences).  “VAAZHGA VALAMUDAN” is the secret that gives energy and life to each soul.  She loves teaching children.  She a woman leads a family with love and affection, states that, “Women needs a strong family support to be successful in their life”.  Women should come out of their  shell  and break the walls that stands as a barrier for their success.  She has also contributed a magazine Uratha sindhanai, she is also fond of a musician, Vittala Pandurangan and his composing.  So, she as woman inspires and motives other women and young upcoming buds.  It’s a proud to be a woman!


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