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Students talented in extracurricular activity are common to find.  But a student who has extraordinary talents in extracurricular activities and motivates their upcoming future generation is hard to find. I think such students can be called as star achievers, because they not only achieve their goal in life but also help others in expressing their potential out and help to achieve their goal in life. 

Two such star achievers was found  by our crew last week, when our crew went in search of a talented student from the surrounding schools in Tambaram, and we were happy to find two such students. One student from Valluvar Gurukalam Matriculation Higher Secondary School situated in the West of Tambaram named V. Sivarajan aged fifteen is being as an inspiration to his classmates as well as other students. V. Sivarajan is a chess champion who was trained in “Thirumal Chess Academy” situated near Mudichur by the help of the coach Kalyana Ragavan.  

This star achiever has participated in fifty chess tournaments and has won prizes in thirty five district level tournaments and we were happy to hear from him that he has participated in five International Chess Tournaments. We were very proud to know that he has won two prizes in his Zonal which held in District level. He is not only a chess player but also started training students from the age of 14. He now runs a chess class in his home for the students of his own age.

One of the other such students was found in Jai Gopal Garodia National Higher Secondary School, East Tambaram. The name of this star achiever is V.Saravanan aged fifteen. We were surprised to hear that he was a young scientist. At the age of fifteen he has designed a torch light with the help of powder box and some waste batteries. He is not only a scientist but also an artist. His discovery has inspired many children in his surrounding as well as in his relative circle.

 Our crew is happy to find such students who are not only talented but also acts as an inspirers and motivators for the students of their age. It is not a simple thing to be a trainer for others when they are still in the learning level. But only person with some kind of talents and potential will be able to do this. On the whole our crew was immensely happy in finding such students and paving way for them to achieve more by encouraging them through our interview.


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