Endearing Ezhilarasi

Miss. S. Ezhilarasi is an assistant professor in SDNB Vaishnav College for women past 12 years. She is sweet, elegant, loving and caring personality. She is a well-wisher to every students and guide the student with care and love. Every professors had many scope and difficulty to develop the knowledge to their students, in addition to that way she motivated and encourage the students for their activities skills. She cross many students in her teaching profession but still now students who were passed away from the college were contact with her and clarify their doubt and improve the basic skills for their career. On seeing this, her motivation and encouragement, many of the students were became a professor, teacher and business women in the modern society. She proud to be a women in this society, she exampled her mother as a proud women in this society. She had inherited her mother’s quality and respect from her father, family members, and siblings and amidst her peer group of students and teacher. She cross many women’s in her lifetime but she only proud of her mother as an elegant women in the society. Comparing with past and present generation both were best in their unique ways. She told about her grandmothers both maternal and paternal were courageous and bold, despite lack of education and exposure to the outside world. But today’s women are fortunate, and they have equal rights and dignity to celebrate their life with positive thoughts and views don’t taken as negative thoughts and views. Now a days women already had their scope and empowerment toward the society. Women’s were in the period of transition, the changes are yet to happen. Advice for women her point of view, it’s not an advice but she feel the real growth lies infront of us, not losing our ideal of the past. Few year before she met accident, that time she face many struggle in her life. She cross the struggle with the support of family members, siblings and friends, on that support and motivation bring her to high level not to lose her life. She is helping to many students and NGO to offering education, money, food and extract needs to their life. In that way, am also face struggle in many ways in past two year, she is the only person to stand with me, no one were stand infront of me on facing the struggle. Women’s had strength and power to develop in every field. In most of field women were not enrolled their strength and power like space, marine, army and military etc.…. Her inspiration is Mrs. Jayashree (school teacher). Atleast that one day (women’s day) is a remainder to every men to acknowledge women’s potential.         


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