Multivoiced Sriram karthik

Talents are meant to be shared”

                                -Carol B Thomas.

            Everyone has a hidden talent only few will discover it and try to achieve it with given opportunities. One of those few is ‘Sriram Karthick’ who is from Goppichettipalayam, a college student who developed his interest in mimicry art from school days itself. As a mimicry artist he is in the field for five years. He took actor Sivakarthikeyan as a role model to become a mimicry artist.

 Initially he started with four to five voices which tends him to concentrate more on this art. He used his every opportunity in a right way to show off his talent and to become a achiever in mimicry field. He was also in the orchestra group for one year which enhanced his talent to enter into the media world. He got chances to perform in channels like Vijay TV, and Sun TV which made him to accumulate with big celebrities. Recently, he took part in Jaya TV program ‘Take It Easy’. He also performed in the channel called Kerala flowers. The last record of mimicry is 6 minutes 120 voices but then he breaks that record and has done 125 voices in 4.55 minutes which he has yet to receive an award from an ‘Indian Book of Records’.  He is attending events, cultural function, corporate shows and television shows. His voice do magic with many peculiar voices which amaze the audiences.

Talents are completely on the individual despite of age. Now he is an inspiration for many upcoming mimicry artists.


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