Importance of education

Education plays a vital role in our life. Education makes person’s life from dark to light. Education is the medium through which we can learn a new world with lots of positive things that is highly essential for our life. It brings out the hidden skill inside us by which we develop capacity to change this world at social, political and economical level. Education not only gives placement and money, also provides to build our discipline, career, and mental development. It makes us to learn how to overcome the challenges in easy method with a positive change in society or nation. The famous president of South Africa Mr. Nelson Mandela has rightly made a sentence about the education that, “Education is the most powerful weapon in the world.” Education makes us to find the meaning behind everything and helps to improve life. Education is important because, it will give you a standard status in the society. ‘The root of education is better but the fruit is sweet.’ Education is a threshold which take a man to his own world. Education is a passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. The best example is life of Thomas Edison. He was left his school; but his mother encouraged him to read books everyday and this resulted him one of the great scientists in the world. Because of his knowledge and hardwork still we are using the bulb.” Education is what remains after one has learned in school.”

Education is the only thing that can remove corruption, unemployment and social problems. Education which helps us to stand in our own feet. IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION: We cannot reserve the right of education for any individual group of people. The education is important especially for kids and women it is highly essential. In present generation after seeing the situation of women in India, we can say that education is the best option for them by which they can improve their life in a better way. By having education, women can earn something for themselves not to depend their husband and father. Depending someone is the worst part in our life. Not only independent, women able to handle different situation or challenges in an easy manner along with taking objectionable things with broad minded. In fact educated people can easily understand other people too, who have narrow thinking about some social issues of dowry system, discrimination between boy and girl or inter-cast marriages. CONCLUSION: Knowledge is the priceless thing which is neither countable nor deductable, it always increases by sharing. A useful sharing is education by having education we can surely meet any situation with courageous and brave. Education is fundamental rights to everyone. Education is to it, use it and share it. And thus education is a basic right for each and everyone in manner to provide them a life with health, wealth and financial security


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