Fatal Patak Set To capture the Imagination of Indian Kids on Hungama

I write to you on behalf of the launch of a brand new animated movie series called Fatak Patak that will be aired on Disney network of channels this festival season.

 Some might say it’s th​e new Beyblade or even Pokemon, for Indian kids! It is a launch by Nihodo, an Indo-Japanese IP company that aims at creating successful cross-border entertainment franchises & Dream Theatre Pvt. Ltd. 

The franchise has been developed as a complete experience for the children to view the animated characters on television as well as play with the toys in real time thereby making it one of the first kids franchise to use toys and gameplay as integral to content in India.


The idea behind this show and toyline has been to provide Indian Kids with their own indigenous IP. Though there have been a slew of great content and innovation in Kid’s entertainment in the past few years, with the exception of a handful, most of the toys thatdominate retail shelves are based on Foreign IPs and toylines.


In this regard, Indian kids have been grossly overlooked and targeted toylines for Indian children are almost an afterthought. 


The company wanted to change this status quo and give Indian kids their own world, their own toyline that can be fueled further by their imagination.


Play Planet, a toy company, that distributes brands like Power Rangers, Ben 10, Pokemon and DC, hold exclusive distribution rights for 'Fatak Patak' and will introduce the toyline for kids.


Dream Theatre, the premier brand management and licensing company in South Asia that manages iconic brands like Angry Birds, Pokemon, Bayblede etc. will hold licensing rights for Fatak Patak.


Hungama TV part of the Disney’s network of channels, will exclusively air the 4 animated movies as the 'Fatak Patak Movie Festival' every Sunday at 10 AM from 17th September to 8th October.


  • About the series: Fatak Patak' is a four-part animated movie series about mysterious Alienoids with incredible powers from outer space competing in the Alienoid Wrestling League. The main protagonists, Sher Singh and his Alienoid Gabru will be seen in pursuit of the championship and their adventures along the way in the Fatak Patak World. It is set in India with indigenous story lines and localized content that the target audience can relate to. The Alienoids appearing on the show will also be available as collectibles with pro-wrestling inspired features and elements of strategy for the kids to engage in gameplay. This is a unique undertaking as it is the first time the toyline and gameplay have been produced in tandem. The toyline will be released simultaneously along with the movies.
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