The New emerging sensational fame Gabrella Sellus gave us her valuable time amidst the busy schedule she was held up in to let us take an interview of her. The most popular and tremendously talented 'Airaa' movie's fame Gabrella Sellus has conquered all our hearts through her extraordinary performance in the films. She never fails to give her utmost effort in all the roles given to her be it just a minor character or the main cast she creates an everlasting impression for her in whichever role she takes. Dwelling in the world where people feel bad about their dark skin tones and undergo several skin lightening treatments to change their complexion she was the Lady who took pride in her complexion and made herself a tagline 'Karupazhagi' which inspired tons of people and gained her a mass amount of followers in her social media accounts. She never ceased to express her talents and utilized every single opportunity to reach out to people her enormous acting skills. We take immense pleasure in interviewing her.

Interview questions and her interesting answers are as follows;

When we asked her what made her choose this field?

She replied, "The field I chose was my dream right from my childhood and I gained the hearts of people through this which I treasure the most."

While being asked the question of what she would have become if not for an artist, she suddenly gave her answer stating that she would have become a cultural arts teacher.

Gabrella claims that her goal in life is to create a kingdom for herself and to bring her 'Karupazhagi theatre club factory' to a renowned position.

Gabrella got married recently to the love of her life and she also remarks that her husband 'Mr. Akash' is the greatest happiness of her life.

Wow, How romantic and an ideal couple they are!


She also notes that the one thing life taught her in her journey was to always improvise the talent that lies within in order to achieve something. There is neither validation nor limit for talent just as the saying 'Art is long, life is short'.

And last but not least,

We asked her what would she like to convey to the hopeless people struggling to achieve their dreams.

She remarks that with a beautiful answer asking them all to never lose hope and to put persistent effort to achieve them. She says that we must engrave our names in the mind of present and future generations whilst proving who we are and what we are capable of.



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