Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming shows Gehraiyaan

The  wait is almost over! Viu, the video on demand service of Vuclip, has today released the trailers and posters of two of its premium shows – ‘Gehraiyaan’ and ‘Spotlight’ presented by Vikram Bhatt as part of its ‘Viu Originals’ catalogue.


Starring television’s hit jodi Sanjeeda Sheikh and Vatsal Sheth, ‘Gehraiyaan’ is a horror series directed by Sidhant Sachdev that will showcase their on-screen chemistry amidst the paranormal while ‘Spotlight’, directed by Suhail Tatari, is a fictional biopic of a Bollywood starlet starring Dahleez’s Tridha Choudhury along with the very talented Sid Makkar. 

The journey to the top is usually a solo one however true to the show’s name the poster of Spotlight brings to the fore the irony of darkness in a make belief world of showbiz’ camera flashlights. This show promises to unearth the grim reality of life in Bollywood behind the façade of glitz and glamor.

“The ‘First look’ trailers and posters released today are sure to create a sense of inquisitiveness and excitement about these shows. Both the shows have very unique stories and the trailers and posters give you a hint of just what’s in store for you, said Bollywood ace Vikram Bhatt  

About Gehraiyaan:

A love story that unfolds between Reyna Malik, a 26 year old researcher at a Mumbai hospital, and Shekhar, her surgeon boyfriend amidst mysterious and dark occurrences in her house. Reyna has just moved back to Mumbai after taking a short career break. She is very eager to get back to work – to surgery, her first love. But because of a trauma she endured before the break, the hospital is not sure if she is ready to go back to surgery. The hospital asks her to focus on research for now. 

This disturbs her slightly, but she is helped along by her encouraging boyfriend. However, strange things start to happen in the flat where she stays by herself – the cupboard unlocks by itself, things start moving, her furniture assumes a life of its own. Reyna is frightened, but Shekhar only sees it as a temporary disturbance since she is worried about not going back to surgery – nothing more. 

However her neighbor, a young dashing guy who lives on the floor below her, fully comes to her support. He is able to understand that Reyna is in fact victim to some mysterious happenings – he saves her on nights where a presence is clearly around her. He picks her up when she no longer can run from whatever evil is chasing her. He becomes her central support system. 

Is all of this just Reyna’s imagination? Is the neighbor taking advantage of her fragile mental state? What is the true identity of the neighbor? And if real, what does the evil force want from Reyna? 

About Spotlight:

A fast-paced, passionate story of a young girl from small town India who makes it to dizzying heights in the unnerving world of Bollywood – but at what cost? 

Sana is an up and coming actress in the Hindi film industry whose ambition knows no bounds – but whose heart is forever yearning for that one true love. Sana meets a dashing young heartthrob actor on the sets of her first major big banner film. Sharing the same screenspace as this actor is for her, the pinnacle of her achievement. But Sana wants more. She wants acceptance and love from him. 

Sana slowly begins the chase – and the actor soon falls for her charisma and mystery. What follows is a romance that consumes them, but which they have to hide from the world. 

When there are chances that news of this romance can break her career, Sana executes some smart, hard moves that shocks everyone – she speaks publicly about the affair – a never-before for a Bollywood star. Her outspoken nature increases the spotlight on her, but causes a rift in her love life. 

Obsessed with success and power, Sana’s growth in the glam world continues – endorsements, higher paychecks and a swish lifestyle - but at a huge personal cost. Her list of enemies is also growing. 

Is Sana prepared for the fall that is to come? Does she manage to keep or destroy her only love in her quest for success? The show takes us into these questions and follows this star who is like no other – bold, outspoken, and fearless in love. 

31st March is when both these shows can be streamed on Viu either on its Android or iOS app or on

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