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  1. 1.      Baked Ragi Chakli



Ragi flour   250 gm

Besan flour    150 gm

Ginger   5 gm

Chili      5 gm

Garlic paste   2 gm

Salt              5 gm

Oil              20 ml



Take the dry ingredients and knead them together. Add oil and required amount of water

Let it become a semi-soft dough .Make two equal sizes.

Take one half of the dough into a Chakli machine.

Press out roundels of the dough. Put chaklis in a pre-heated oven.  Temperature should be around 360°f for 15-20 mins.

Take the other half and repeat the same process. Let it Cool, the Chakli whirls are ready to use.


  1. 2.      Gluten Free Polenta Halwa



Gluten-free polenta    500 gm

Ghee                          100 gm

Riped banana              5 no

Dry fruits                       50 gm

Nuts                             50 gm

Milk                           750 ml

Saffron                        .5 gm



Heat a heavy bottomed tawa; add ghee and gluten-free polenta on a low flame until it is aromatic brown colour.

In a separate pan put 250 ml milk, riped banana & saffron in it well until mashy consistency.

When polenta is well roasted, add the banana mixture and stir well so that no lumps are formed.

Add rest of milk and stir well again until desired consistency.

Serve hot with chopped dry fruits and nuts to make look attractive.





  1. 3.      Baked multigrain namakpare



300 gm multigrain flour

100 gm Sooji

5 gm Salt

5 gm Ajwain

2 tbsp. oil



Mix multigrain flour, sooji, salt, ajwain and oil in a bowl.

Mix nicely.

Add some water at a time and mix to make a tight dough.

Cover the dough and keep aside for 10-15 minutes.

Cut the circle in long rectangles or diamonds

Put pieces in a pre-heated oven.  Temperature should be around 180degree centigrade for 15-20 mins.

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