Vanamala’s Chandrakala sweet


Maida - 100 gm
Khoa (sweet) – 100 gm
Almonds – 12
Cashew – 12
Elaichi – 4
Dalda - ¼ kg
Baking powder - 1/4 spoon
Cloves - 10 gm
Sugar - 1 cup


Make pooranam by mixing badam, cashew with khoa and keep it aside. Knead maida with 1 spoon dalda and water and keep it aside.

Roll out a small thin circle out of maida dough and place the pooranam on it and close it in a crescent shape. Fold in the edges.

Repeat this step with the remaining dough.

Prepare the sugar syrup by boiling sugar and water into thick consistency. Fry all the chandrakalas one by one in dalda at moderate temperature, till it turns golden in colour.

Take out the chandrakalas and soak them immediately in the sugar syrup for 10 minutes and then arrange it on a tray. Sprinkle cardamom and cloves on the chandrakala sweets.  



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