Relish into scrumptious delicacies this Monsoon

Monsoon Recipes Oats & Onion Fritters Ingredients:- • Oats 50 gm • Rice flour 20 gm • Ragi Flour 20 gm • Fresh coriander 3 gm • Sliced onion 100 gm • Chopped spinach 20 gm • Ginger 2 gm • Turmeric 1 gm • Red chilli Powder 1 gm • Curry Leaves 1 gm • Oil 300 ml • Salt To Taste Procedure:- • At first, soak the Oats in hot water and keep a side for about 4-5 Minutes, Mix ginger and green chilies to a course paste. • Now add the remaining ingredients rice flour, ragi flour, fresh chopped coriander, chopped spinach, sliced onions, chopped curry leaves, and Indian spices with the soaked oats and season well. • Make fritters out of the batter. • Now Heat the oil and deep-fry it until gets golden brown in colour. • Serve it with mint chutney. ________________________________________________ Calamari Fritto Ingredients:- • Squid rings 110 gm • Tempura flour 60 gm • Lemon half 1 no. • Parsley 10 gms • Refined flour (Maida) 20 gm • Semolina 20 gms • Sweet chilli sauce 20 ml • Garlic confit 5 gm • Salt to taste • Dijon mustard 5 gms Procedure:- • Marinate the squid rings with salt pepper and mustard paste. • Dust the squid rings with refined flour and semolina. • Dip in the tempura batter & deep fry it till golden in colour. • Serve it with lemon half, garlic confit Thai chilli sauce and parsley sprig. ________________________________________________ Barbeque Corn On the Cob Ingredients:- • Corn on the cob 500 gm • Paprika powder 20 gm • Brown sugar 30 gm • Worcestershire sauce 20 ml • Red wine vinegar 30 ml • Black pepper powder 2 gm • Tomato ketchup 50 gm • Salt to taste Procedure:- • In a blender, combine brown sugar, ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce. Season with paprika, salt and pepper. Blend until smooth. • Marinate the cob with the above marinade and rest it for 10 minutes. • Pot the cob on the skewer and roast it on a pit fire barbeque. ________________________________________________ Mango Baked Yoghurt Ingredients:- • Hung Curd 100 gm • Amul cream 100 gm • Milk Maid 80 gm • Fresh Mango Pulp 50 gm Procedure:- • First f all Mix hung curd and Amul cream. Then add milk maid and Whisk it nicely. • Now add freshly squeezed mango pulp in the above mixture and divide the mixture in moulds. Bake it at 150 degree Celsius for 7-8 Minutes. • Now cool it and keep in refrigerator and while serving Garnish it with fresh chunks of mango. ________________________________________________ Phool Makhana and Chia Kheer Ingredients:- • Milk 600 ml • Cardamom powder 1 gm • Sugar 50 gm • Chia seeds 20 gms • Lotus Seeds (Makhana Pool) 60 gm • Jaggery 40 grams Procedure:- • Boil milk along with cardamom powder and reduce to half. • Soak chia seeds in warm water and keep it aside for 2 hrs • Take ghee in the pan sauté and keep aside the lotus seeds • Add chia seeds, Jaggery, sugar and Makhana Pool to it, Cook for 2 to 3 minutes till thickens. Serve Cold or warm. ________________________________________________

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