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When it comes to health “Health is wealth” is the only quote which strikes all our minds. we forgot what’s more important in life, earning and yearning are parts of life. We should cherish what we have and what we live.  Nothing is more important than a good health but we people don’t realize that god has given us a gift called nature and nature gives us medicines. Here are some simple and basic health tips to keep our body healthy .

  •   Nowadays knee pain is often said by all age people and we have a simple remedy for it. Just take a piece of citron and massage your knees regularly and it will relieve all your pain.
  • In this world of technology we people are fond of computer applications .  Sitting with our laptops and cell phones the whole day our eyes get affected and we get eye problems with increase and decrease in power of an eye .  Apply castor oil under the eyes before going to bed thrice a week and it will improve our vision and keeps our eye power stable.
  • Heart blocks are also becoming a common disease even among small children .  In order to avoid those complications we have our remedy  by  mixing lemon juice and chopped ginger in boiling water. It helps us to cure heart problems.
  • Eating powdered coriander seeds, methi seeds and cumin seeds all put together empty our stomach and increases insulin secretion. It is helpful for diabetic patients.
  • By drinking natural aloevera extract mixed with warm water everyday protects us from cancer. It also stops the growth of cancer cells further .
  • Dip turkey bean in honey and take two teaspoons everyday . Eating this for one month increases hemoglobin and protects us from anemia .
  • By eating two thuthi leaves (Indigo mallow) continuously for fifteen days will cure chronic piles.
  • By drinking hot water thrice a day both before and after meals will reduce weight in our lower abdominal belly.
  • By crushing Avuri leaves (indigo) and adding henna powder and amla powder with it and use once in a week . All your white hair will turn black from root and it will be a constant remedy.
  • By eating orange pieces everyday without removing its skin cures constipation problems.
  • Indigestion is a common disease which happens to everyone if we don’t eat properly on time or if we don’t chew the food properly . In order to avoid those problems we can eat Goa which makes our bones strong as well cures indigestion problems.
  • Black grapes will help us to cure bronchitis and other cardiac diseases.
  • Eating sesame seeds cures menstrual  cycle and purifies our blood.
  • Applying Turmeric powder and neem leaves cures blisters and skin allergies.
  • Fasting once or twice a month is recommended which cleanses our body system.

These are easy health tips which keeps our body healthy and protects us from diseases. Materials which we use are easy to get and they are called as naturals medicines .Though unprescribed it goes hand in hand as tradition and cures  with self health treatments for managing primary health care. Our body is our vehicle which caries us throughout our life. When we can invest money to secure a better future, why can’t we invest hours in ourselves to secure a better healthy life?


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