Snow Kingdom celebrates International Yoga Day

Asia’s finest and India's largest “Snow Kingdom” - A Multi city Snow theme park that houses pristine snowy landscapes for patrons to have a feel of Switzerland!

Snow Kingdom commemorated International Yoga Day in its own passionate way of encouraging its staff and patron to an hour of physical, mental and spiritual indulgence in practicing Yoga inside Snow Kingdom that maintains -8 degree celsius. Practising yoga in such divine ambiance in an engulfed spiritual moment amidst 14,000 square feet spread of Snow is nothing but virtual divine tour to Himalayas. In other words experience the grit and mental strength of the yogis in Himalayas at Snow Kingdom. 

A Pride for largest footfall amongst all snow theme parks, Snow Kingdom heartily congratulates renowned and celebrated Yoga and Fitness instructor Mrs Deepa Alok from Hyderabad for glorifying the occasion with her august presence.

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