Labindia join hands to brings India's first Open Surgery Simulation


AI based Open Surgery Simulator comes to India, thanks to MedAchievers  & Labindia Healthcare


  • India’s first AI assisted training centre to provide a virtual environment for orthopedic surgery
  • A novel initiative will save millions of trauma victims; help doctors to get trained and self assess their competencies



 :Pain of patients due to lack of trained doctors will soon be a thing of past as Artificial Intelligence comes to patients’ rescue. MedAchievers Academic Council (a global initiative of MedAchievers) & Labindia Healthcare have joined hands to introduce state-of-the-art ‘Open Orthopaedic Surgery Simulator’ in India’s healthcare domain.


“The AI based simulator will be used in spine surgeries, knee surgeries, on basic healing, trauma and other kind of surgeries. The move will definitely help save millions of lives that unfortunately due to lack of trained pool of doctors in specific domain.” says Dr Harsha Vardhan Founder and Managing Director of MedAchievers. He further talks, in India cases of Spinal injuries, trauma and similar conditions are very much prevalent and we need to insure hands on training with continuous update and upgrade without hurting patient is needed. With such technologies, we are able to achieve proficiency in respective domain and eventually increasing pool of trained doctors. MedAchievers under this council is also managed to initiate programs in Genomics, Ophthalmology and Management skills in healthcare.


“To prevent such deaths, MedAchievers has partnered with Labindia Healthcare  to start its first centre in Delhi NCR. Together, we will have more such centres in other cities to create safe environment for both patients and surgeons in India,” says Mr Virendra Upadhye, Managing Director of Labindia Healthcare. The technology has been developed by Ossimtech, a canadian firm.


The Open Surgery Simulator provides the necessary practical environment that enables doctors to see the result in same fashion as they can see in real world while conducting the surgery thus helping them in real world preparedness without hurting the patient. 




According to Dr Harsha Vardhan, “In India, we have least ratio of trained doctors as compared of surgeries needed in normal and trauma cases. This course will enable the doctors with specialty training that is necessary for the pool of needed doctors to serve Indian patients in 100s of hospitals. It can also help the medical experts assess their improvement in performing surgeries as it has real time tools to create needed set of performance indicators.”


The training will also be imparted to young medical practitioners in medical colleges in undergraduate and post-graduate levels. MedAchievers and Labindia is planning to establish 6 centres of similar scale in next 3 months and to take it to public and private medical schools in tier 1, 2 and 3 cities of India with each centre needed about half a million to one million US dollar investment. 


Currently in India, the training for human surgeries needs training and practice so as to enable a doctor reach minimum scale of experience. To avoid the deaths and provide a better and safe solution, MedAchievers academic council is offering hands-on practice training courses on basic healing, spine surgery, knee surgery and trauma modules by launching an academy for training on medical simulation where students will be able to do a lot of practices on the above modules using the simulator which also gives feedback on many parameters to students. The AI driven simulator based training, which is first such training centre in India will bring all necessary real time surgery environment for optimal training. 



About MedAchievers:


MedAchievers is an International business conglomerate crafted to serve the ever transforming healthcare industry. With 100s of leadership power tables, business discussions, presence and operations in various countries along with inter-industry leaders, MedAchievers offers deep in-sight and precise solution to every need of healthcare professionals and industry. With the DNA that codes for focused Interaction, discover Innovation,  structure Investment and Implementation. The platform offers right balance of ingredients (Clinical science, Economics, Management skills, Technology, Infrastructure, Investment, Networking etc.). We have specific segment and respective experts within MedAchievers for Healthcare Professionals, Students, Entrepreneurs and Academic Institutions. The team works all across leading countries including India, USA, Australia, UK, Israel, Africa and Europe to keep the quality, scale and value of offering as per global standards.



About Labindia:


Labindia Healthcare is a part of Labindia group of companies in business for more than 30 years. It is engaged in bringing, unique and innovative products from Instrumentation Technology leaders all over the world, to India, on an exclusive basis. It has been instrumental in ensuring that researchers in the diverse fields of Diagnostics, Biotechnology, nanotechnology, petrochemical’s etc have and will continue to have access to world class technology. Further, to ensure appropriate and optimum usage of the cutting edge instrumentation from all over the world, Labindia has employed qualified, skilled and trained manpower from India to provide the essential sales, service and technical support.

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