Evergreen Summer

Henry Wordsworth Longfellow , an American poet expressed the exuberance of summer days in his poem “A Day of Sunshine” in the following manner O gift of God ! O perfect day Whereon shall no man work, but play; Whereon it is enough for me, Not to be doing ,but to be! Summer will be a warm giver, but never be a late comer. It is the time when the sun is vibrant in emitting its powerful radiations. This season will commence from April and terminates at the May month. It is the best season to engage ourselves in recreational activities. For birds also it is an extraordinary season because at the end of summer new feathers will grow to keep them warmer in Winter season. Summer gives its lap to birds, animals, and plants. Many insects like ants starts to gather their food for rainy season, during the summer season. If we follow certain precautionary measures, we can anticipate the summer season with pleasure. Try to use cotton and linen dresses and avoid using polyster and synthetic clothes


. Like every coin has two sides, summer gives several health issues like rashes, prickly heat and also sun burns , use natural sunscreeners like alovera gel to protect our skin from the direct attack of sunlight instead of taking spicy foods take fruits which are rich in antioxidants, healthy fats and best omega fatty acids. Many of us have forgotten to use the natural thirst quenchers like Sarasaparilla(nannari) and Indian Penny wort (vallarai) sharbat. It serves as an excellent energy drink to enhance our energy to withstand ourselves from the blistering sun. We can consume lemon juice to avoid dehydration and other urinary related problems , instead of dwelling on refrigerated water, we can use drinking water from mud pots , it will give the required codling which our body permits. We can also add the fine paste of coriander leaves, mint leaves, and white onions in our food to keep our eyes safe from infections. If we use dry grass mat (korai pai) as a screen cloth, it will absorb the heat winds and give cool air for us to protect our skin from UV rays, we can use Alovera gel. It helps to reduce acne, sunburns, rashes and also acts for natural cleanser. Apart from these things , we can also use watermelons in salads, desserts and milkshakes, because watermelon consists 90% of water it helps us to stay hydrated. People may consider “Spring is the Queen of all seasons”. But when we embrace all these precautionary measures summer season will be the fabulous season. “A Love without a trust Its like a year without Summer”



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