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In India the summer means holidays where from the little to adult can enjoy their holidays without any homework.They are free from home work,there was only the smile filled in their lips.Eventhough the sun is hot,we cool it by our running sweats.The summer make the people to turn back their childhood days,especially the parents along with their children visit their village.In that village the children get pure oxygen and spend their days happily. We don't know,why some people says the summer is horrible and can't enjoy their days.They are aliens,they just want to enjoy their days in the air conditioned room.They are the indoor players. If you feel that by playing with children and get scolded and thrashing from your parents for dirtying the dress,break the things and hit a child who is younger than you all this is part and par4cel of summer. .If you taste the type of summer you won't forget it.It becomes your memorable summer days.


The summer never disappears Let's face the hard and hot summer boldly and make the sun get tired by your crazy activities. Eat fruits and vegetables along with the bottles of water for facing the sun like a soldier who want to kill his opponent and place the victory in history.We are humans, if we need water and food we do it by ourselves just think about the birds and animals they wander for the same food and water.In present days,we do a lot of crazy things to save water but the birds animals,they always depends us so save our nature and living things by placing a cup of water in the meadows and terrace and planting the trees.Which helps to beat the heat and warm us to play again and again. Summer is the most loved and hottest season.It is the perfect time for vacations. Summer solstics,the days are longest and the nights are shortest,with day length decrease as the season progress after send kids and parents inside to cooler air.


• R. Sibiya • P. Prematha • A. Hellan mary • C. Krishnaveni

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