Summer time is playtime

“Everyone likes summer, because the hot sun makes us to travel widely.” Summer is the hottest season in India. It starts from the middle of February and ends in June .In the beginning of the month, summer is mild with chill breeze. Later part of the summer is extreme sunny, sultry with hot breeze. During evening the hot and red orange sun sets and it gives a pleasure. This makes to feel pleasure picturaization of village during summer season. Today’s lock up in the four walls; parents are so great giving their kids ,smart phones, tablets, television, but not letting them out of the house. Imagine that how long a kid can be inside a block; playing by themselves or with non-living cannot share their feeling, thought. . Let us catch a glimpse of a village scenario in summer. During morning they enjoy fresh air and work in fields. They finish their lunch by eating the fruits like mangoes, guava, watermelon, tender coconut, Palmyra and all kinds of berries. Then drink water from stream , rest themselves under the trees. sometimes, climbing on the trees .. Throughout the day they have a happy time. They go to swim in the pond and catch fish . After the dusk, they go their house and get nicely from their parents. This is not a story but sweet memories of 90s. But today’s kids are not like that, their life is locked in rooms, playing video games, playing in smart phones. Though it is pleasure, day   later they feel stressed out  in life.


As days after they get annoyed absurd life and machinery life. Beyond that no happiness . Too much of anything is good for nothing, when the bird is left free we can see it beauty and enjoy ourselves, rather than in the cage. Now a-days young generation are good in mental abilities but they have to be physically fit to climb trees, roping exercise, play games like marbles, latoo(spinning a wooden top), hopscotch, hide-n-seek etc. so keep mobile phones aside give more importance to physical exercise . A perfect man needs a sound mind and a sound body.


V. Martina angel, G. Nithya, P. Ramya, S. Shilpa.

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