Health is wealth

Health is wealth is a common proverb known to everyone. There is nothing in our life more valuable than that of good health. Without health there is no happiness. A man of ill health cannot experience his own property. According to Mahatma Gandhi’s quotes “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”. When compare to present century, the great advantage is new technologies. Developing new technologies leads to diseases. Health is not about the sound body but it also includes sound mind. Diseases can occur due to stress, tension, overtime duties etc. comparatively, twenty years before there is not much influence of hospital but now hospital can be often seen everywhere. New technologies made us to be sluggish. Hence, our sluggish resulted as a patient in hospital which is now a common in society. The root cause of bad- health: From children to old age, people suffering from diseases that ends in waiting at hospital in a long queue. This is because of lethargy. In the past , people prepare their food by buying necessary fruits and vegetables in the market or their own field. Now- a- days people neither purchasie in markets nor in their own field. Instead they ordering in smart phones ; buying through smart phones leads to obesity (over weight). People going to gym and other nutrition clinics to reduce their weight but not maintaining about their healthy food habits. Moreover, they are eating junk food and fast food that made them to increase more diseases such as blood pressure, cholesterol, heart problem, thyroid etc. Effect of technology development: By developing technology, children focusing hotels and fast food rather than homemade food. By in taking outside food not only affecting physical body but also makes mentally ill. Our present generation forget about the inside world and outdoor games. Alternatively, they focussing inside world called as mobile phones, video games and watching television. Not only present generation, succeeding generation should also keep away from the smart phones but it cannot do as it is difficult by nature. Using more smart phones is because of parents.

What parents culminating as a habit of their children, continuing throughout the life. It makes children stress, tension and consumes their energy. Money matters a lot. People (future parents) chasing after money but it ends up in diseases. Perhaps it is also a reason of children addiction towards smart phones. In young generation, they are running after money later could not be perfect though they have a power of wealth. Some of them working at night time. They are suffering more than others. Because they lacks in sleep. A normal person need atleast 6-8 hours as our body and mind work continuously during daytime, so at night time sleep is a best medicine to free from mental stress. Hence, sleeping makes to feel healthy. Conclusion: There are many reasons in health problems such as work stress, food and many things in this world. “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. Food is one important thing to maintain our health. Happiness is the highest form of health being happy it is also a form of health” So, good food, being happy and stress free life. The first is ‘health is wealth’ think that in mind and enjoy your life with good health


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