Go Green to Breath Clean”.

Urbanization  has resulted in pollution but when we realize it there will be solution. Every living being need  five basic components such as water, fire, air, space and land. These five elements are found in Vedas In Hinduism, these are Bhumi (earth) , ap or Jala (water),  Tejas or Agni (fire) , Marut, Vayu or Pavan (air or wind)  and vyom or shunya (space or zero) or akash (aether or void)  These five elements can be seen in Kachapeswarar Temple, Hindu temple located in the town of Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. Many Folklore tells us that Vishnu in the form of karma (Tortoise) worshipped Lord Shiva in this temple. And we also find these five elements in the form of Shiva lingam such as Agni lingam, Vayu lingam, Prithvi lingam, Jala lingam, and Akasha lingam.


 For example, man kind requires air to breathe,  water to drink.   Land is a vital thing for the existence of man kind because we get our food from the Land (Agriculture) so it is our responsibility to preserve these things from pollution.

 Pollution is defined as an presence of unfavorable substance in the environment which as harmful or poisonous effects. These harmful materials are called as pollutants, pollution is a global problem although urban areas are the most affected place it also attack rural areas.  We are polluting the  environment in different ways. World Health Organization (WHO)  reported that 80% of pollution crisis happens in urban areas.

Famous poet Monika Jain says,  “Water is not worth drinking, Air is not worth breathing, Land is not worth living, Rivers are polluted, We are badly affected, O man! Please awake, We are now unsafe”.. She creates awareness through her poem, the major forms of pollution are Air pollution, Water pollution, Land pollution,  and Noise pollution. Air pollution is defined as the release of chemicals into the atmosphere which pollutes the air and also the emission of smoke from motor vehicles common gaseous pollutants are Carbon monoxide, Sulfur dioxide,  Chloro Flurocarbons, and nitrogen oxides produced by industry or motor vehicles. It mainly occurs in major cities five months back after Deepvali  festival.

 Government has declared holidays to schools, colleges and other organizations in Delhi because of heavy air pollution which creates many health issues like asthma and other breathing problems. In India, rapid migration of people from rural areas to urban areas further adds the problem. It creates shortage of housing as a result of which slums were growing. It creates two things in the mean time they were slum development and population increases in urban areas, it creates heavy traffic and transport problems. Human beings laziness and there necessity for things turns into toxic and unsafe for the environment. To control air pollution we should follow the way which Rig Veda insists that is Yagya (y ag am)  yagam serves as a better remedy which purifies the air in a natural way. Because polluted air is dangerous, even if the pollutants are invisible it has its effects it causes burning sensation in the eyes and increases lung cancer, asthma, natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions also increases air pollution.

Water pollution is defined as the discharge of untreated waste water from commercial and industrial waste into surface or underground, Agriculture waste water which contains fertilizers and pesticides also including human feces from open defecation. Water pollution causes 14,000 deaths per day, mostly due to the contamination of drinking water because of untreated sewage in developing countries because of this ocean, river, lake and other water source has been polluted, pollution that enters the environment in one place affects the people who are away from hundreds and thousand miles. Land pollution is defined as contaminating the land with harmful chemicals by many metal industries like copper producing industries, they release their waste materials directly into underground it affects the purity of drinking water, the creation of Nuclear power plant and it’s waste disposal directly into land. It creates many health problems, land pollution  also known as soil pollution. The release of unwanted chemicals into the soil causes heavy damage to plants. Because plants derive nutrition from soil when it is impure it can’t grow and hold the soil and this leads to soil erosion. When these chemicals are not disposed properly it pollutes the environment. Mining factories disrupting the food chain land fills release the greenhouse gas methane which may lead to global warming. Noise pollution is the transmission of noise with harmful impact on the activity of human or animal life it affects both health and behavior. It can cause hypertension, high stress, hearing loss and sleep disturbances and blood pressure, using headphones over a long period of time may damage the soft tissues on the ear.

Nowadays people mainly focus  on technological development    but they forgot to protect our environment and our Mother Earth .

Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. We have the responsibility to clean  the environment and gradually we can reduce the pollution by adopting this mantra. –(-REDUCE -REUSE -RECYCLE) and also “Go Green to Breath Clean”.   Lury McPherson says, “If you really think the economy is more important than the environment,  try.              holding your breath whilst you count your money”. 

P. CHANDRALEKA, P. MEENA, D. DEEPIKA, S. ESWARI.                                             

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