A Gift of life from son to his father: Son donates liver part to his father

• Successful liver transplant makes the sacrifice of son for his father a landmark transplant at Jayvee hospital • Father was suffering from liver cirrhosis. The idea of Father’s Day is not merely about making a father- children bond stronger. It is a day to give them a reason to be proud of the children they have raised. 33 years old Shardul Singh, an HR consultant by profession, came to Jaypee Hospital with his 62 years old father Baleshwar Singh in critical condition. For the past six months the patient’s condition was deteriorating as he wassuffering with liver disease and have gone through various treatments.The patient needed the definitive treatment as his condition kept deteriorating. For the treatment the family decided to take him to Jaypee hospital. Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary, Senior Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation, Jaypee Hospital says “He was admitted with the complaint of jaundice, abdominal and lower limbs swelling, and easy fatigability and hepatic encephalopathy (early stage of liver coma). Further, as life was not possible with medical treatment, he was advised to undergo liver transplantation. Once it was decided that liver transplant is the only way to save the patient’s life and the search for donor having matching blood group was started that his son was also tested and found to be the matching blood group with that of his father, the patient. Without giving a second thought to the decision, he expressed his willingness to donate part of his liver for his father. He underwent detailed evaluation as per the protocol. After taking due approval from Authorisation committee Living Donor Liver Transplantation was done. After the transplantMr Baleshwar recovered rapidly and now doing well. The donor had a smooth postoperative course and was discharged from the hospital in 6 days. “ In the present times, while there are children that force our old parents to stay in old age homes, this example of Shardul Singh is an ideal case for all. By deciding to donate his liver to his father Baleshwar Singh, he has set an example forhis generation, in which at times children do not care for their parents. Shardul Singh, son of Baleshwar Singh, expressed his love and affection towards his father by saying, “If I, being his son, could not help my father survive just by donating the organ, I have no right to be called his son. I am glad to gift back the asset that my father has blessed me with.” About Jaypee Hospital: Jaypee Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital, where High Risk Guinea Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic Surgery are being done regularly. In the campus of over 72,000 square meters, the spacious Jaypee Hospital is a major unit of the Jaypee Group. The hospital plan and design has been prepared in the form of 1200 beds-based tursary care specialty facility. It is being successfully operated with 525 beds in the first phase. Jaypee Hospital is a super-specialty hospital with state-of-the-art healthcare services, clinical services and modern techniques, which provides specialized services to meet the needs of the general public.
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