Tricog’s “InstaECG”


India’s first and only 24x7 ‘virtual cardiologist’ powered by AI, detects even subtle changes in cardiac activity, sporadic arrhythmia and heart attacks in just 10 mins 

 : InstaECG was launched by Tricog in 2015 and has so far analysed ECGs (electrocardiogram) for over 23.7 lakh people. It has identified 75000+ critical cardiac cases and 30,540 instances of heart attacks. Tricog’s Insta ECG is proven to be more accurate than a standard ECG machine and takes only 6 to 10 minutes to deliver results. This reduced time frame is crucial as every minute makes a difference in the ‘golden hour’ of emergency cardiac care.


The Tricog solution was developed to serve as a bridge between the emergence of symptoms, and the delivery of timely diagnosis and treatment. The idea was to combine the expertise of cardiac physicians with state-of-art IoT technology and advanced AI algorithms, to analyse and deliver results that were both human- and machine-error free. InstaECG enables transmission of ECG data over standard mobile and WiFi networks to the Tricog ECG Cloud. The proprietary algorithms (in the cloud) and the in-house team of cardiac specialists interpret the ECG data and share an analysis report with medical professionals through SMS, Email and Mobile App notifications.


Commenting on Tricog’s impact in the Indian market, Dr Charit Bhograj, CEO and Founder, Tricog said, “With InstaECG, Tricog aims to save more lives by providing a system for fast and accurate diagnosis of ECGs, powered by AI and supported by remote cardiac specialists. Our goal is to help fill an important need-gap in India’s emergency cardiac care, especially in ‘health dark’, remote parts of the country.”


Since 2015, Tricog has expanded its network to nearly 2000+ ECG diagnosis points in clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centres across India. The data collected from these centres have helped create a virtual store of over 2 million ECGs that cover over 200 cardiac conditions. This ensures that remote centres always have the right diagnosis.


In July 2019, Tricog won first place in the ‘Top Innovator’ category at the ET Startup Awards 2019. According to jurors at the event[i], Tricog had the edge over others in this category because of its ‘advanced technology which can be scaled and marketed to healthcare institutions and doctors.’ Tricog has also won the NASSCOM Artificial Intelligence Game Changer Award 2018 & AI for Good, conducted by the Centre of Excellence – Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (CoE DSAI) in association with the Government of Karnataka. Other awards and accolades include the Accenture Healthtech Innovation Challenge (Regional Finalist 2018), Draper Venture Network for the Most Innovative DVN Company 2018, Fast Company World Changing Ideas Award, 2017 and the EO Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.


About Tricog


Tricog is a Bangalore-based medical technology company founded in 2015 by Dr Charit Bhograj, Mr Zainul Charbiwala, Mr Udyan Dasgupta, and Mr Abhinav Gujjar. Tricog has set up a virtual cardiology network in India to help doctors save more lives by offering fast and accurate ECG diagnosis, powered by AI and supported by medical experts. Tricog has also recently started deploying its solution in South East Asian countries such as Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as well as in Kenya and Nigeria.




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