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Exclusive Gemstone Jewelry collection in Malabar Gold and Diamonds

A special treat awaits for all the Jewelry lovers, Malabar Gold and Diamonds presents the Gemstone Jewelry collection in captivating designs embellished with precious stones and uncut diamonds. The collections available in Malabar Gold and Diamonds from 17th August to 16th September.

This is one of Malabar Gold and Diamond’s most sensual and alluring collections ever stunning creation in pure gold studded with precious gemstones like Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and splendid uncut diamonds perfectly capture the essence of every occasion and reflect the spectrum of colours around you!

Gemstone Jewelry collection was showcased by the Influencers & Bloggers through Fashion Presentation. Dancing Zigzag swirling pearls and dangling charms represents a movement. Gemstone Jewelry play a role of passionate sparkle. At first sight combination of smooth snow – white pearls and faceted bloody – red rubies looks contrasting attracted the viewers. At the same time, yellow gold unites materials and makes them complement each other.

“We at Malabar Gold and Diamonds producing the flawless experiences to customers who are keen to buy gold and diamonds. Now in addition to that we are presenting Gemstone Jewelry collections, there is a great deal to choose from alluring collections from refreshing floral designs, fluid swirl patterns and motifs gold studded with precious gemstones like Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire for every occasion”.


The Gemstone Jewelry Collection was launched by Actor Rahman's wife,Meher Rahman

About Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Malabar Gold and Diamonds was established in 1993 in Kozhikode, Kerela. It is vertically integrated comprising of bullion desk, design centers, manufacturing, distribution, retail and after sale services. This enables the retailer to offer its customers products and services that unique and offer value and quality. Today, it has a strong retail network of over 219 outlets spread across nine countries, 10 wholesale units in addition to offices, designs centers and factories spread across India, Middle East & Far East. The company ranks among the BIG5 jewellery retailers globally.


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