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Theyagaraya nagar is shortly and widely known as T Nagar. T Nagar is the fashion hub of not only Chennai but is also one of the important fashion destinations of the country. T Nagar is the no. 1 fashion destination for all kind of designers and common people. No matter what    t the festival is, T Nagar   is undoubtedly the first destination that comes to the minds of people when they think of shopping.

 T Nagar contains all kinds of shops including jewellery, garments, utensils, and stationery etc. t nagar is home to all kind of retailers that include small scale retailers to large scale businessmen. It has a wide variety of shops that include small shops in platform to medium scale retailers and largely invested retailers. T Nagar has all kinds of shops. It is hub to many famous jewellers and garment shops across the country. Some of the famous jewellery shops in t nagar include GRT, Tanishq, prince jewellers, joyallukas etc. it also contains famous garment shops like Nalli, Saravana stores, Pothys, Chennai silks etc. though these shops are a major attraction to people, it is the small shops for earrings, bangles, footwear, cheap mobile accessories and even dresses that gain the attraction of people. The small- scale shops set up in t nagar are the main feature of the whole t nagar since they offer accessories and dresses at a feasible and cheap rate. They are also home to many poor and middle-class traders and retailers.

It is said that T Nagar  is one of the important sources of revenue to the government. An estimate of rs.10000 crores is said to be the revenue that is generated in a year from t nagar which is double the revenue of Connaught nagar in Delhi and linking road in Mumbai. T Nagar is not only a major source of income to the government but also to the many poor traders who toil in the sun and rain to earn their living which goes unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of the city. T Nagar   is not only the fashion hub for the high class and the elite class but also to the menial wagers and the middle class who regard the quantity more significant than the quality.   T Nagar is undoubtedly one of the best cities for fashionistas not only in Chennai but the entire nation and thus it is greatly regarded as the Pride of Chennai.


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More Chennai Shops
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