Celebrate Yourself with Tanishq

A woman does not need an occasion to celebrate Herself. Her joys, her beliefs and achievements are a testament of her very existence. The modern Indian woman is smart, independent and self- sufficient. She competes with herself and yet complete in her own ways. Her approach towards pursuing her passion and aspirations stands commendable.


Often in life she forgets to celebrate the smallest of things that have shaped her to become who she is today. Self-love goes a long way and it is time we bring to light the act of celebrating yourself.


Jewellery has been stereotypically connected to the idea of special occasions. It usually has significance with major events in her life. This could be for a festival, birthdays, marriages etc. But it is time to break away from this by telling her that it is time to focus on Her aspirations, needs and realise her own worth. Women also need a little bit of self love and a major occasion should no more be a reason to treat yourself. It’s time to support women to celebrate those little moments and milestones in their everyday life.



This could be the 10K marathon she ran or the business pitched she conquered or just appreciating on what she has achieved so far and that she totally deserves it.  It’s the small moments that make a big difference. The concept of gifting is not just limited to others, because who ever laid down the rule that you couldn’t buy something for yourself? This Akshaya Tritiya, give yourself a little self love, and buy a piece of Tanishq.




Tanishq would like to be a part of Her celebration through their latest collection- ‘Swayahm’. Tanishq, India’s favourite jewellery brand, has carefully curated each piece of jewellery with an aim to stand as a souvenir of all the little victories and personal triumphs that a woman often forgets to celebrate.


Tanishq’s new collection features both gold and studded jewellery catering to all categories including Regional, bridal, non-bridal, fashion, occasion wear etc. Every piece in the collection is carefully designed and captivating, making it perfect to complete a woman’s look.



Starting at INR 10,000, the Swayahm collection is now available across 289 Tanishq stores in India.







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