Beat the Heat

Summer – the first thing which comes to our mind is the heat and the bright face of the sun.  Till then we would’ve enjoyed the cool and breezy winter. A sudden change in season will always create an impact in the life cycle of the people. Likewise, this longest season frightens the people and simultaneously makes them happy. Most of the people go for picnic, visit beaches to make themselves relieved from the impression of summer. Everyone tries to wear light and soft cotton materials to make them feel comfortable and defend themselves from summer. This season exposes the beauty of nature.  Mangoes and pine apples ripe during summer, so this season presents an opportunity for the people to enjoy them. It’s an interesting season for the kids because they get a chance to be free from books and enjoy their holidays. They love to eat ice-creams which interest them all the seasons but summer makes it worth. Tender coconut business also grows high as it is a natural source to hydrate any human. Now- a -days there is a huge need for water but already the lack of awareness has ruined the rain water. To welcome summer with a smile one should be calculative in using water. Only then we can welcome and survive summer without scarcity of water.


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