Struggling women

Women experiences lot of social issues and problems throughout their life and faces it right from their birth itself. Even in this so called modern society there is no big change in the lives of women. Though they are educated there are many women who are struggling to go ahead with her career. Not only in India, there are several countries who are still dominating women and they are influenced by the male power. There is an issue still in existence that is there is a common practice of aborting the female fetus in the womb of mother after the fetal sex determination. Nowadays, there is lot of sexual harassment; exploitation of girl child by their family members, friends, neighbors etc. there is no safety for girl children in the society and also at home. In workplace also women faces many obstacles each and every day. They have to manage both their household works and office works. They are working hardly for 8 to 9 hours. Around the world, women and girls are still getting married +very young age and they are also trafficking and they sent as a child labor and as a sex slave. Deaths due to pregnancy and childbirth are increasing rapidly in the society. In working places women often work more than men but they are paid less. Women and girls are affected by the gender discrimination throughout their life. There are many success in empowering women but numerous of issues still exist in all areas of life. In the male dominated society women stumble upon many hurdles to prove themselves and to make a mark in the society. No women power is lesser anyway to men, women are stronger and also equal to men. Women are on top, out there to show the world what they are capable of “HE OFFERED HER THE WORLD. SHE SAID SHE HAD HER OWN”.


Logaeswari V Siva Priya S Srinithy S Amala M Maria Sowmya S Mythili C

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