Problems of women at a glance

The culture and traditions of India is great where people worship various female Goddesses but on the other side women are treated as objects and face many problems in their life. Earlier women faced problems like child marriage, sati and restriction of widow remarriage. However almost all the old traditional problems disappeared gradually but gave rise to new issues. • Female infanticide is still a major problem in North India.. When a girl baby is born, it is considered as great burden for the family. • When it comes to education, women are restricted to do their higher studies. Women education percentage is low compared to men, especially in rural areas. • Gender discrimination is witnessed all around the world. Women in society are always considered as inferior to men.


They are considered to be a weaker sex not only in the society but also in their families they are given less importance. Still now girls have no property rights like men. This gender discrimination affects women in the area like job, public, family, education etc. • Dowry system is the general problem faced by women of low and middle class family during their marriage. When the dowry is not given up to their expectations, women become victim. They are been ill treated and beaten by their husbands for not giving dowry. Sometimes women face domestic violence like marital rape, where women are literally considered as sex objects. • Sexual harassment is another major problem faced by girls. Recent Pollaachi issue depicts the current situation. Major exploitation and harassments occurs in work places. Not only women but a small girl child's sanity get plunged and exploited. Against all these problems and abuses when a woman emerges with self confidence and power she is being oppressed by victim shaming by the society. Even in gender classification men stand to be the first gender and women as the second gender. Though women are given equal rights and opportunities like men still they are facing some problems in their life.



Kavina. P Muthumeena. S. R Deepika. T Harini Bharathi. S Pauline Jenifer Jeevitha. V

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