Nostalgic moments

Friendship is a part of life and it will remain as fresh dew in everyone’s mind. Meeting an old school friend always brings one joy. Meeting them after so many days or even years, gives that indescribable feeling that one can never forget. During our childhood days, we would get the best kind of friendship in our life. Because in those times, we won’t expect anything in return, this made the friendship to last long. School has been one of the most favourite period of everyone life. There can be fond memories either through a small object, person or experiences in life. Meeting an old school friend makes us remember our school days, how they had bunked the classes, fake illness, pranks they did as a kid and invalid reasons, punishments, fights and both happy and sad days.


All the years spent in school together, discussing about projects, writing exams, playing together, talking in class, getting caught by the teacher, all these memories will come flooding back when old school friends meet. Upon meeting they will talk about all these moments and how their school life was. These memories make them to feel happy and ever youthful again, revisiting and re -visualising the past through some other person and living with the same happiness in the present. Friendship is one which doesn't have any expectations and that too old friends know about us more than any other person. School friends are one of the closest friends that people can ever get, who stay with a person throughout their life. The relationship between friends is pure and it is precious for everyone.


N. Janani A. Aishwarya D. Aishwarya P. Rebecca K. Divya Lukka Deepthi

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