olours are always fascinating.  We cherish a school memory of looking into a prism and splitting of light through a spectrometer.  People enjoy the marvellous experience of a good rainbow view after rainfall.  Rainbow colours are nicknamed as  VIBGYOR.  VIBGYOR colours have a great significance with a hidden meaning of life 


     Violet is a sign of Will-power and brings out awareness in minds.  It a bond of body and soul, creating a balance between our physical and our spiritual energies.


            It is considered as a one of the traditional colours in rainbow. It deeply reflects honesty, support, devotion, wisdom and justice. It helps to achieve a deeper level consciousness. It stimulates our right brain for our creative skills.  It also provides a deep concentration for human beings.


         It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence. Light blue associates with heath, healing and  understanding. Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness. In terms of the psyche, the colour blue is known to impact the mind positivity. Blue is the colour where patience and sincerity rests together.



      Green denotes Renewal and rebirth.   It was considered as the “colour of Heaven” in the  Ming Dynasty of China.  The world wants Greenery, as it creates positivity among the minds of people.  Green brings peace and harmony. It is a great balancer of Mind and heart. 


       Yellow showcases all virtues.  Yellow greatly helps in decision making skills and represents strong will and clear ideas and thoughts of people. 


      Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine and tropics. Orange radiates energy with the stimulation of Activity and ability to socialize. Orange likely bounces around to different projects and tasks.



     It's one of the primary colours signifying warmth, urgency, love , anger etc.. Red is considered to be a ‘romantic’ colour. In Africa, it symbolizes mourning and in the eastern world it denotes long life, joy.. It also enhances human metabolism and blood pressure.   There are at least 23 shades of red .


   Every colour is a mixture of values and feelings.   Learn them and use it for a colourful life.  Feel Flying colours in all  your  endeavours  


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