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                                        Love is a magical word which could melt even the stone. The love of teens is always a golden period in human life.  It is really a marvellous and interesting one for all to talk. Even though we have 24 hours for a day, spending an hour with our lovable soul is precious; Nearby your lovable soulmate could change the earth as paradise. The lovers themselves can see the heaven in earth while they walk with their own man or woman. Special Person for life should be celebrated. So, Valentine’s day is commemorating by the people worldwide. February-14 lends itself for these wonderful kind hearted people.

                                        Valentine’s day is just a finishing touch of the celebration. Otherwise Lovers will follow some special days continuously from February-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and at last 14. These days have been given names in order to celebrate. They are rose day, propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy day, Promise day, Kiss day, Hug day and valentine’s day. Being special will not suit to everyone. But we can make a person special by choosing them for life. Thus, no one is secondary in this world. Some one will be there to think us as their special one. That’s why valentine’s day is so notable.

 You can also spread the sparks of your love; Just follow the following tips to make your love as a long lasting one.

ü Propose your love with nice attitude:

                  To get into the relationship you need to expose your love without any emotion except deep love. Your attitude should talk of your love to the partner. Do not over do in your performance.

ü Impression:

                 Your proposal will declare how you impressed your partner. If the time for talking is reducing means, you really won the heart of your person.





ü Gifts:

                        presenting gifts to your partner will make your love long lasting. They feel very nice while they get a gift from their loved one. They really expect without their conscious.

ü Allot time:

                                        All are having work in this world. No one can just sit and eat. Special time should be allotted for the special person to make your love long lasting.

ü Taking care:

                                       Moreover, all the men and women want this caring words and actions from their loved one.

ü Know their likes and dislikes:


                  To get a long-lasting love you need to sacrifice something for your partner. You need to change your attitude which may spoil the love of your special person. Try to act according to their likes and dislikes.

ü Be brave:

                The positive attitude which you show on your partner is important. They should feel safe and entertained while spending time with you.

ü Be romantic:

             Being romantic is very much suitable for a relationship. It will not let your partner to forget you.            


ü Don’t be frank:

                                     Be frank in your love, but don’t be frank with your partner’s makeup and favourite activities. Let them live in their comfort zone.

ü Encouragement:

                                     Encourage your partner as much as you can. Because they could feel the support behind them. This will increase the love of your partner.

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