Colours of life

Every colour has something to indicate us. They indicate us about sensational, emotional, love, anger and etc.

Colours  co exist  with us in our daily life.

Blue colour: blue colour makes us to feel calm by its cool embrace. Seeing blue colour makes us to forget ourselves in its breezy blue.

White colour: white colour indicates the purity and it stands for the symbol of peace.

Red colour: red colour attracts everybody by its dazzling beauty. Red colour is also known as the symbol of love because heart beats for red especially for lovers.

Green colour: green colour unites with nature. People who have the heart of children will love green the most.

Black colour: black colour indicates emotion because black emits the reality and the inner feelings of a person.

Yellow colour: yellow colour stands as the mark of holiness, purity and as a symbol of good sign where people is very fond of wearing yellow dress for a good occasion especially for marriage.

Pink colour: pink colour is a favourite colour for girls, woman and children because people with soft nature and kind heart will love pink the most. It makes them feel happy and unique from others.

Violet colour: violet stands for uniqueness. People who like to be unique will like violet

Altogether colour is an emotion because colour emits reality and our inner feelings. Though the colour we wear will reflect our nature.

“Colour is a power that directly influence the soul”

“There is no beauty without colour”


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