Haven of peace in Pozhichalur

Everything depends on something else in the world, either physically or emotionally.  Emotional dependence happens everywhere.  Though everyone talks about privacy, no one wants to live alone, because sharing of everything has a meaning in it.  As we say, sharing happiness will get doubled, sharing sadness will get reduced.  We went to a place, where our happiness got increased two hundred times, because there we had two hundred beautiful souls to share our happiness.  It is an Orphanage of Sai Baba Trust, in Pozhichalur, Varadharajapuram.  As we entered the Orphanage, we saw the children were playing volleyball, basketball, and tennis.  As the popular saying, where the cleanliness is, there the God lives.  The surrounding  is so clean and neat.  Then we met the beautiful, young souls, who are all studying in Government Schools.  The children are under the care of the founder, Dhayalan’s son, Srinivasan and his wife.  As the Trust had been running nearly 30 years, they gave the children as much as facilities, they can.

 All the basic needs like food, clothing and shelter were given with utmost care.  The financial support was given by various businessmen and rich people.  Doctors do free check-up for the children, weekly once.  In some special occasions, people from outside come and spend time with the beautiful buds as we did.  As we said, togetherness is happiness, the orphanage has a place for all the children to sit and have food together.  Doing for support fewer children is like doing for God.  Government help the children by giving rice, tablets, especially during special occasions.  So the children in this orphanage live in a good, happy and healthy surrounding.  The affection which we show, will not get vain.  In one way or the other, we will get back the affection from someone else.  Live happy with lots of affection.



Vijaya Poornimaa A S

Lavanya B

Priya Lakshmi P

Harini M




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