Smiling Roses in the Garden of Lord

On Feb 20th we went to an orphanage called Susaiappar orphanage in Tambaram. It was really an interesting day, as it was our  first visit   to an orphanage. As we entered into the Susaiappar orphanage we were welcomed by a smiling friendly sister named Clara. This orphanage is only for women. When we entered the room where the girls were, they welcomed us by smiling faces of them. They  were around 60 children who were much smaller than me and some of them were of my own age, and we spend some good and most happiest time with them by playing games like musical chairs and hide and seek. Children of my age were very friendly, we talked about favorite shows and hobbies and their aims. All of the orphans attend the local municipal school, it was a small orphan. As we talk to them we get to knew that they need teachers who can help them  for studying and some of them showed their drawings and crafts to us. And we encouraged them a lot. The trust takes care of the food, shelter and education of the orphans.  Like every orphans this trust also had some  needs like medical, food, sanitary pads and clothes. And also we talked to some girls named as Revathi and Dhanalakshmi. They both were so attached to us. They  shared dark part of their life. And end of the day some girls become very close to us. Being an educated and patriotic Indian I want to do my bit by helping the innocent kids grow to as healthy individuals. We  felt they will be excited and feel happy whenever we go there to see them. It was a nice day and we were happy that to  spend a good time with those smiling faces.







Jaga Jaya varthini.D





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