Technological slavery

Present day students are crazy after social  media.  People born during 90’s   have so much in common. They are the ones who have seen two decades, two centuries Present day students are crazy after social media.  . Memes and comments containing this term is countless. This in turn made me think what’s so special about those 90’s kids to I belong too. Here are some points that’s makes them so special and important.

People who are born and two millenniums without even reaching the age of 30.  They have lots of memories to embrace and be proud to have seen them for the first time. These kids say the boom of technology. They were the first lookers of technologies like videogames, computers, mobile phones and the wide known internet facilities. We saw the technology growing rapidly than us.

During those days we entertained activities. We knew how to socialize well and spend time looking of each other’s face very often. ourselves with videogames then with play stations and now with the mobiles and computers showing the growth of technology along with us. But these days kids don’t even know the value of video games because of the wide spread technology. We were the last generation who spent a great deal of time outside enjoying the nature and playing many outdoor games.

Those days were a golden period of remembrance because kids were not shut into house with the technology but were insisted to play around in sand and mud for their immunity resistance. But these days’ kids lock themselves inside the four wall fixing their eyes to the television or mobile phones. People of that period did not have much information about the technology but had their minds and interest only in studies leaving the remaining

These days’ kids use social media to know unknown people but never care about their neighbors. Now a days kids are rarely seen outdoor and we don’t even find place for them to play. They have every technology available to them at very young age and are intellectual yet they lack in common sense and humanity. We consider ourselves blessed beyond measure to have been born in an era which has not become a slave for technology.  At least our childhood escaped from the chain of technological slavery.


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